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    Death Plan (disclaimer: morbid)

    If I die in a way that makes this possible, I want everything that can possible be taken to be donated. It's better if it's used to help others. After that, cremate what's left. I also kind of like the idea of organ donation because in a way it's like a piece of me living on. Imagine your heart...
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    What is your type of partner?

    At this point I just want a male interested in males that has a heartbeat and shares one or more interests with me. I find setting strict guidelines for future relationships (romantic or not) limits your selection pool unnecessarily.
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    December 17th, 2018: Changes to Censor Rules and Pokémon News Subforum Move

    So, if I've put this together right, curse words are censored for guests, but once you log in, there is no censor? I don't see why we can't ask for a toggle for members but still ignore censor bypassing. As long as the words used for bypassing do not affect SEO, there is no need to enforce a...
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2018: Voting Thread ❄

    I voted :)
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    December 17th, 2018: Changes to Censor Rules and Pokémon News Subforum Move

    I have read over this thread and the #support channel on Discord. First thing I want to say is that being straight up rude gets the discussion no where. Both "sides" (I find the division on this topic a stretch) behaved poorly, especially on Discord. If you find yourself getting that heated...
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    AAA - Ask Alex Anything

    While Vileplume is respectable, Bellossom all the way. I still remember Bellossom coming out of the Pokeball in Brawl saying "Bellossom." Cute little *******.
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    AAA - Ask Alex Anything

    That movie is incredibly bad, and from many different angles. The casting for the movie was racially insensitive. The actual acting was really not good, but what can you ask from actors given a terrible script? Awful writing, awful pacing, and awful storyline. It's a terrible adaptation that...
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    Shup Guysh

    No promises will be made, I think everyone knows me at this point. For better or worse (prolly worse) I drift a lot. I'll always be available for a conversation or an opinion on staff matters, though! <3 Thanks for all the compliments on my profile that I blatantly fished for. :)
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    AAA - Ask Alex Anything

    1. In universe it's Arceus, right? Haha, I don't really know. God is first, that's my answer. 2. It's embarrassing that I've built an identity around this, even though I'm a total Airbender. I am passive frequently and I work around others. If I'm not an Airbender, I'm a Waterbender.
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    James's AMA

    Who was the first Pokémon in your eyes? Arceus? Mew? Bulbasaur? Rhydon?
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    Ask Cleb Anything!

    What sort of anime genres catch your interests, and what animes are you watching right now?
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    AAA - Ask Alex Anything

    Ask me literally anything. The questions can be repeats or whatever, just ask away! :)
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    Ahh... Home again.

    Holy moly, OOOOLLLLDDDDD
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    Hey it's ~Kilza~

    Look at his join date... Stone the witch hacker!
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    Your title summoned C'thulhu, and he welcomes you to the new forums. :mrgreen: