Badges awarded to Anthrix

Account Age Badges

  1. Familiar Face (1 Marripoint)

    Awarded to users that have been around for at least 6 months and have at least 100 posts.

Post Count Badges

  1. 250 Posts (2 Marripoints)

    Awarded to users with 250 or more posts.
  2. 100 Posts (1 Marripoint)

    Awarded to users with 100 or more posts.

Miscellaneous Badges

  1. Pre-Curse User (1 Marripoint)

    Awarded to Azurilland users that were around before the transition to the Curse engine (before December 4th, 2012). You must also have at least 100 posts on your Azurilland account.
  2. Azurillander (1 Marripoint)

    Awarded to previous members of Azurilland who have at least 100 posts there. Please provide your Azurilland username when claiming.