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    Casual The S.S. Anne

    I'm doing very good! I go to the gym more often lately, and I have been even feeling better! 2021 has been good so far.
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    Do You Nickname Your Pokémon?

    I nickname my Pokemon all the time.
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    XY Favorite Kalos starter

    Froakie, it's the first starter that I chose in XY, and Greninja is just so cool!
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    RSE Post Your Hoenn Teams

    I have been replaying Emerald recently, and this is my team so far: Ignatius the Combusken :combusken: Nelumbo the Lombre :lombre: Aphrodite the Gardevoir :gardevoir: Goliath the Aron :aron: Tempest the Manectric :manectric:
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    Casual The S.S. Anne

    I'm doing good! I'm listening to David Bowie right now. Good to see you again too!
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    Yes or No? V2

    Yes! I love bonfires! Writing?
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    Casual The S.S. Anne

    Can I join? c:
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    Casual 🌠 The Space-Time Rift v7 🌠 - nukes can't stop us bro

    Hello! Could I join this club, please?
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    First Videogame Console?

    My first console was the Nintendo 3DS.
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    What Kind of Phone Do You Own?

    I own a Huawei P30 Pro.
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    Which Browser Do You Use?

    I have been using Firefox for a while now.
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    I'm hyped for Smash Camp starting tomorrow!

    I'm hyped for Smash Camp starting tomorrow!
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    Tier Lists

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    Okay yeah, I like it now! / I'm not a fan anymore.

    I used to really like Buizel as a kid, I don't really care for it anymore. I also used to dislike Umbreon just because I thought it was "overrated". I think Umbreon is a cool Pokémon nowadays.
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    16. It's a while that I played Pokémon Go.