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    First Videogame Console?

    My first console was the Nintendo 3DS.
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    What Kind of Phone Do You Own?

    I own a Huawei P30 Pro.
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    Which Browser Do You Use?

    I have been using Firefox for a while now.
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - :sirfetchd:

    Cabin 4 gang.
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    I'm hyped for Smash Camp starting tomorrow!

    I'm hyped for Smash Camp starting tomorrow!
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    Tier Lists

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    Okay yeah, I like it now! / I'm not a fan anymore.

    I used to really like Buizel as a kid, I don't really care for it anymore. I also used to dislike Umbreon just because I thought it was "overrated". I think Umbreon is a cool Pokémon nowadays.
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    16. It's a while that I played Pokémon Go.
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    🌵 Cacnea Compound - you probably having hug

    Can I join the club, please?
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    Over the Rainbow - An LGBTQIA+ Support Club || Show Your Pride!!

    I'm non-binary and a demigirl. I still go by she/her pronouns.
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    It's been a while that I visited the forum.

    It's been a while that I visited the forum.
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    Prom Mad Libs - 2020 edition

    I and Chris are joining.
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    Marriprom Art Contest! [Art is due the 15th!]

    I and Chris are singing up. I will draw, while Chris will write.
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    I and Chris (Crystal) are signing up.
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    Decorate the Dancefloor! (cooldown reduced!)

    Dimitri joins the dancefloor!