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    The Anime Club V.2 ♦ For The Marriland Anime Lovers!

    Username: Blast Nickname: Blast Gender: Male Favorite Character?: Obviously it's Natsume Kyousuke from Little Busters! Favorite Anime Series/Movie?: Haikyuu!! Other: Clannad <3 Please let me join because I really love anime :D
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    ➟ What Is Your Favorite Pokémon

    Gotta be Dragonite. I also really love Gulpin. They are both derpy and cute.
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    how do you sleep at night

    In my bed. Though I can't get comfortable if it's too warm in my room. I also like it when it's completely dark so I have very thin white curtains.
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    I don't know anyone like that... Good luck with your search nonetheless.
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    Which sauce is best to eat with fries?

    To mark my very first post on this new site, I wanted to discuss this heavily contested topic. I know ketchup is generally preferred in most countries, but I only eat my fries with mayonnaise. Though I hated it as a child and usually ate fries with apple sauce or without any sauce at all, I have...