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    Smash Camp 2019 Feedback Thread

    I think I am there only one here who liked the removal of participation points... My final words on it is to think of how the change was for staff. Previously they'd have MASS submissions to go through and sort. I remember Curry staying up till like 6 am digging and working himself ragged to...
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    Smash Camp 2019 Feedback Thread

    I love the change to participation points in everything, as it made one feel pressured that they had to do everything under the sun... And it made submissions much more lacking in quality as people only felt the need to just 'participate', not actually do much. This year I did not feel like I...
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    Day Four Submissions

    I did my Sudoku thing again
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    Count as High as Possible Before Kat Posts

    Good lord what's going on here. Also 1
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    Super Hero/Villain Discussion Thread

    I like it. I mean we got a lot of ideas and we do need to put finality upon them and also not throw too many ideas into the pot else it gets too convoluted. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple SarasaKat. For powers, I think that they could have this 'bound' sorta magic gimmick that either one can...
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    Flag Voting

    Here is my wonderful masterpiece. Complete with LGBT+ support for Pride month.
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    Super Hero/Villain Discussion Thread

    I do like the idea of the sword thing, but if I might add a suggestion maybe one of the reasons the 'possession failed' is that the character himself has a pure heart or something, and being as the sword is meant to burn sinners it can't fully enforce itself against one that the gods had not...
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    Day 2 Submissions

    are you proud of me ma? I did it. The sudoku thin And now the other things. Scavenger Hunt: Cabin Flag: Edited 10 PM central US time.
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    Super Stylish Salty Bet Supreme

    Rip in pieces my streak.
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    Day One Submissions

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    Cabin Name!

    I'm stuck between Clown Dimension and Elite Four
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    Bulletin Board

    If that's Flash Geometry Wars and it's anything like the console version... You need to build up a long combo. Mostly just gotta dodge the bullet hell, rack up your points, and figure out the priority targets that'll give you the most hell.
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    \o/ Hey Cabin 4 \o/

    Yo. It's Burr. I led Cabin 2 once. I've known Kat forever, so I guess that's why they keep making me stick with her in this cabin now. Her hair gets everywhere though so yuck. I lazily sleep around and then once a year when people start moving back into camp I have to wake up and entertain...
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    Super Stylish Salty Bet Supreme

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    The Sorting Hat

    -What is your time zone? US Central Time. -How much time can you spend on Smash Camp per day (any amount is fine, we just want to keep this in mind)? Bout one or two hours. Full time job. -Can you take pictures (irl and screenshots on the computer)? Selfie time? Yes. Yes I can. -Do you own...