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    ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - When You're around Me, I'm Radioactive

    My love life seems fine :happyazurill: Right now we are trying to figure out which piece of furniture we can live without, to make room for a baby bed. The best candidate so far seems to be the bookshelf with our manga collection D:
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    There are also bad cat owners. I know someone that bought a pure-breed cat from an backyard breeder (which is bad by itself) when the cat was way too young and still needed it's mother. First he was surprised that the cat was scared of everything and didn't want to be touched (duh, it was...
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    I was afraid of double posting so I didn't write anything, lol. Summons minimal social skills Soo.. hmm.. assuming you were to buy Sword/Shield based on the dragon exclusives from previous gens, which would you get?
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    Do You Want Kids?

    Not much of a choice now since I'm 5 months pregnant at the moment xD Can't wait to meet my kid~ I always wanted kids but was a bit sceptical about finding a man that would want the same. Now luckily I have a husband that is on the same page :)
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    A shop sounds fun. Maybe we could have some kind of contest when the shop launches to get some points? :3c
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    Collecting Marriland Forums Badges

    Smash camp one pls c: [staff edit: added!]
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    I'm just being plain old stupid, not trying to be mean D:
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    Does that "eh" suggest you don't like family BBQs?
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    Old Mechanics You Wish Had Been Kept

    I still want the national dex the most. The stuff I miss includes: Rotation Battles - those were super fun and some very creative strategies could be made for them. Battle Frontier (Can't even play the old DS one online now :joyousazurill:) HARD MODE PLEASE PLEASE. BW2 in hard mode is the best...
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    Hi guys. Could I join? My fav dragon would be Flygon.
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    Smash Camp 2019 Feedback Thread

    Idea about participation points: maybe in the future we could try a solution in between? For example, the participation points obtained could be a looot smaller than for getting high scores? Like maybe even 1-2 points or something. This way they would matter a bit, but not as much as before...
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    Smash Camp 2019 Feedback Thread

    Personally, the saddest part for me was the removal of participation points. Even when I was younger, I was never the type to get much high scores or win tournaments. Not because I was lazy or didn't put the effort in, but because I'm the "love games but suck at them" type. I also never had...
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    Day Five Submissions

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    Sorry for not being very active. I really tried my best to submit at least something when I had some time and strenght. I will try to submit something today, it won't be much but at least something ;(
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    Day Two Submissions