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    Sword/Shield Spoiler First Batch of New Pokemon: Who are your Favs?

    Corviknight ftw! I've always loved ravens!
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    Sword/Shield Spoiler Galarian Forms

    The Galarian Zigzagoon line and SirFetche'd are badass! Weezing is pretty cool too as a gentleman lol.
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    ✎ Monthly Art Prompts ✎

    Ironic, I pretty much did Prompt #3 in one of my entries for last month's prompts.
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    What is the last thing you bought?

    The $10 Photography Creative Cloud subscription which includes Photoshop.
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    What Kind of Phone Do You Own?

    I recently inherited my mom's Samsung Galaxy S9+. Samsungs have performed best for me, I am sticking with them.
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    Your go-to device for browsing the Internet.

    I prefer my laptop. I find the small screen and touch interactions obnoxious for anything more than short texts or tasks.
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    Which Browser Do You Use?

    Chrome. Since about 2013ish when I obtained my old Macbook as it came with Chrome installed and I'd been experiencing frequent crashes and instances of unresponsiveness with Firefox. As of last November, I have a Lenovo Flex 14 and still stand by Chrome even though I've heard that it's heavy...
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    Dumb/Silly Fails

    My biggest noob moment was back in Silver. I didn't understand that the cop asking for the name of the Pokemon thief was the method for naming the rival so I named him ???, the unidentified tag used in the first battle with him. In retrospect, though I feel like it was an awesome fail, leaving...
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    Which of Ash Ketchum's reversed Pokémon do you think he will Mega Evolve for the first time?

    I haven't watched the anime since Sinnoh but considering that so few of Ash's Pokemon fully evolve to begin with, I vote none. This is also quite astute. Not only could it explain the above as well but in the anime world, one trainer with that many mega evolutions would have a ridiculously...
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    What was your first ever starter?

    Pikachu, my first game was Yellow. My best friend kept telling me about her's (i.e "I caught a zubat") and when she finally actually showed me, that was it. When my mom picked me up from her place I asked to get it and she agreed.
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    ✎ Monthly Art Prompts ✎

    I hope photoshop is permitted, as I can't draw. I ended up answering two prompts together; color and city using two themes featuring Espeon because I couldn't decide between them. Note: This is my first attempt at drawing in Photoshop and as I stated, I can't draw to begin with. For this...
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    RBY Benefits of playing Yellow?

    I believe the rival is more challenging in Yellow as well. It's been years and Yellow is the only of the first generation that I have left, I can not fathom how the damn thing is still functioning after almost 20 years at this point but I digress. I remember that I ended up having to get a...
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    Sword/Shield Which starter do you like most?

    I'm leaning towards Sobble largely because I haven't chosen the water starter since my first Black playthrough but can not make a final decision without seeing their final evolutions and secondary types.
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    Congratulations Azurilland has Evolved!

    Me neither. The determination is what I have. If not for the shiny hunting I don't know if Let's Go would still have my interest at this point. I'm not a big fan of it's using the GO/Safari style wild encounters. It's quite limiting. Catching up my new shinies level wise is gonna be a *****.
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    Congratulations Azurilland has Evolved!

    Hello, please to meet you as well. Cute Frozen theme. I can empathize with the impatience but determination wins out with me.