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    Over the Rainbow - An LGBTQIA+ Support Club || Show Your Pride!!

    Hey y'all just wanted to share this with you guys. 2019 was a pretty bad year for me in terms of home and uni life and becaue of that I turned to plenty of stuff I maybe shouldn't mention on here. But, in the meantime I also recently accepted that I am bisexual and although i'm not out to...
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    You did it! ♥ [Share your accomplishments here!]

    Wow congrats!! I have already started stressing about honours which is an entire year away, and have gain so much respect for people in research over the past few weeks. Hope I also get there without losing all my hair haha!! Finally submitted my final assignment of the year. It was a video...
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    DPPt Share Your Sinnoh Teams! What Pokemon did you use to beat Cynthia?

    My first ever Pokemon game was Diamond, but I cant really remember the team I used for that very well except for Torterra and Staraptor. The teams I do remember, however: Pearl: :torterra: :gastrodon: :drifblim: :mismagius: :purugly: :rapidash: Platinum: :infernape: :floatzel: :jolteon...
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    Over the Rainbow - An LGBTQIA+ Support Club || Show Your Pride!!

    @Mystical thanks for the reply. I saw him for the first time today since it happened and I just felt very awkward and uncomfortable to speak to him. I couldn't look him in the face the whole day so I've kinda been banking on option 1 at the moment. I just want to crawl in my shell and die a...
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    Over the Rainbow - An LGBTQIA+ Support Club || Show Your Pride!!

    So I had a really uncomfortable experience last week that I need to rant about and get some advice on. I was at a house party with some of my really good mates from uni. At one point in the night one of my friends (a dude) was on the floor in the corner crying. Me and another mate (a girl)...
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    The Ultimate Animal Tournament

    Bearded Dragon vs Northern Cardinal Elephant Seal vs Green Sea Turtle African Pygmy Hedgehog vs Arctic Fox Pistol Shrimp vs Peregrine Falcon
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    Hippos 100% Their skin is so thick and tough that a swipe from a bear would most definitely not faze it at all. In my experience, they're also way more intrinsically aggressive than brown bears. I've even witnessed a hippo take down an elephant. I reckon pitted against any animal, hippos will...
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    \o/ Hey Cabin 4 \o/

    G'day lads and lasses! This is my first time doing tis thing and don't really know how it works exactly, but ready to smash it!
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    What is the last thing you ate?

    This burger at a Canadian style shack that had a beef patty, chilli maple bacon, poutine, jalapenos, habanero aioli and a spicy bun. My mouth was set on fire and I don't reckon I could eat for another year but was delicious nonetheless.
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    The Sorting Hat

    -What is your time zone? AEST (GMT +10) -How much time can you spend on Smash Camp per day (any amount is fine, we just want to keep this in mind)? Heaps.. I've just finished exams and have the week off work! -Can you take pictures (irl and screenshots on the computer)? Yup -Do you own Smash...
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    Oh the places you'll go

    I have done some volunteer work at small local vet clinics from year 10 up until I started uni. While at school, I also obtained a Cert II in Animal Studies (basically the lowest level nationally recognised animal care qualification in Australia). At the beginning of my degree (vet sci), one of...
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    The Ultimate Animal Tournament

    Ghost shrimp Red-winged blackbird Spotted hyena White-winged vampire bat
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    Last Letter, First Letter v4

    Luxray :luxray:
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    Last Letter, First Letter v4

    Turtwig :turtwig:
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    It's Super Effective!

    :shellos: used Mud Bomb!