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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    3. because i found this thing and am now joining in
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    ORAS Delta Episode

    I enjoyed delta episode a lot. the fact you can encounter deoxys is very epic.
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    Gen 7 Giveaway Giving away perfect 5IV level 1 Pokemon!

    hi, could i get a alolan vulpix, a dratini, and a togepi? please and thank you
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    USUM Ultra Necrozma!

    Two words need be spoken: Destiny Bond.
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    XY Remembering Kalos! What was your team for X and Y?

    On my first playthrough of X my team was: Greninja Talonflame Heliolisk Aegislash Sylveon and Goodra Aegislash was definitely my MVP, because it was cool watching it be die Diantha's Gardevoir. I chose X because I always choose the "blue" version, and I generally like Xerneas better than...
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    DPPt Share Your Sinnoh Teams! What Pokemon did you use to beat Cynthia?

    My team for my first playthrough of Pearl was a Empoleon, a Togekiss, a Gallade, a Weavile (random memory of my Weavile OHKO-ing cynthia's garchomp) a Garchomp, and a Roserade.
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    hello, my name is Jay, and i've been a fan of pokemon since Diamond and Pearl. My uno favorite pokemon is Swampert. i'm kinda of a geek lol. Sometimes when I have free time, I usually shiny hunt on USUM or play pokemon showdown (smogon) although i'm not very good at it in my free time. hope we...