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    Leaving or Taking a Break? The Official Leaving Thread

    So I’m doing a lot of irl stuff, and that leaves not much time for things here. So I’m gonna be off for a while. I’ll probably be back at some point:) I’m still on discord for anyone wanting to chat, I’m just not going to be online that often. See ya around!
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    Guess Which User Posts Next! V2

    Objection! Kilza!
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    14. Hey people I’m here for a bit
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    Sword/Shield Spoiler First Batch of New Pokemon: Who are your Favs?

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Anyways l like them all but Zacien made me even more excited about Sword.
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    Guess Which User Posts Next! V2

    Nope, I got here first Kilza now?
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    The Ultimate Animal Tournament

    I’m voting for bat and barn owl:)
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    📷 Marriland's Photo Sharing Center 📷

    Said I’d post my Pride look so a little late but here it is
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    The Official Scramble Thread

    @Neb I’m going for a challenging one, Frosslass! Hope it’s useful:)
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    What's crackalackin, boys?

    Hey, nice to meet ya! What pokemon games are your favorite?
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    Hey friends!

    Hey, nice to meet ya! Other than D/P/Pt, what games are your favorite?
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    Hey, nice to meet ya! Other than trades, what brought you here?
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    Music One Hundred Song Face Off: Version Eight! "It's a new soundtrack...I could dance to this beat forevermore ❤"

    Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield: 8/10 I have vivid memories of this playing on Radio Disney and singing along with it when my voice was really starting to develop as a little 8 year old Thena. It reminds me of very happy times:) Finale - Madeon: 6/10 I liked it, but I'm a little...
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    Post an Insane Lie about the Person above You v2

    Is Darth Vader.....'s cousin.