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    Gen 7 Looking for hidden ability Chimchar in ultra sun

    Owns an Iron Fist Chimchar :chimchar:. Will gladly give one to you when able. Edit: Plans to head to bed soon. Put something simple on GTS. Ask for a Chimchar. Expects little traffic there nowadays.
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    Sword/Shield Crown Tundra Discussion Thread

    Noticed another dimension to Dynamax Adventures: Hidden Ability hunting. Saw an Unburden Sceptile :sceptile: there. Realized the potential. Competes with the legendary, admittedly (given a successful run and uncaught legendary). Agrees on ability patches costing too much. Earned 12 ore in...
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    Sword/Shield Crown Tundra Discussion Thread

    Neutral - Characters: Not bad, not good. Was not particularly interested in any character. Wound up being forgettable. Enjoyed Clara in Isle of Armor more. - Plot: Felt little satisfaction in figuring out what to do. (Is not much of a puzzle person.) Got stuck on "Investigate the Statue"...
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    Sword/Shield Crown Tundra!

    Teased most of this already between older trailers and legendaries usable right now. Expects little from the Star Tournament. Guesses it to be like the league rematch, but Doubles. Presumes similar rewards. Gained some hope from rental Pokemon and choosing your Star Tournament partner...
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    Has anyone successfully evolved Galarian Yamask into Runerigus?

    Never heard of it failing. Make it take 49+ damage in a battle. Go under the rock formation sticking out at the Dusty Bowl. Should work. Edit: Probably needs to be alive, but missing 49+ hitpoints. Might fail if you heal it or something.
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    Sword/Shield Max Raid Advice

    Cannot easily recommend something. Depends on the foe. Cannot go wrong with Eternatus :eternatus: (with Dynamax Cannon) and Zacian :zacian:/Zamazenta :zamazenta: (with their Rusted item and corresponding move). Noticed solid performance from Dracovish :dracovish: (with Strong Jaw, Choice...
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    Fire Emblem Heroes {Book 4 Edition!}

    Finished the Choose Your Legend Round 4 stats. Finally knuckled down. Google Sheets link: Feel free to ask any questions. Stopped playing when the last Choose Your Legends units were...
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    Sword/Shield Use PKMNPLAYERSCUP For Battle Ready Porygon2! Works till 31st August!

    Affects Foul Play (probably the main reason) and Power Split too.
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    Here to Make Some Trainer Friends!

    Waves. Acquires Hidden Abilities through Max Raids. Varies on which raids give them out (if any). For example: - Sableye :sableye:: Common Den 35, but not Rare Dens 47 or 81. - Maractus :maractus:: None in the base game. - Darmanitan :galariandarmanitan:: All common and rare dens. -...
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    Wonderlocke The Avengers Initiative -- Typhlosion's X Wonderlocke -- Complete!

    Worried you did not enjoy the challenge. Undoubtedly spent a lot of time training. Picked up all of Hoenn's trash too. Appears unfounded, fortunately. Do you think you would allow the Experience Share and/or two hearts in Amie, if you repeated the challenge? Looks forward to the next...
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    Wonderlocke The Avengers Initiative -- Typhlosion's X Wonderlocke -- Complete!

    1:03:17 Good luck against the Elite Four and Champion.
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    Wonderlocke The Avengers Initiative -- Typhlosion's X Wonderlocke -- Complete!

    Welcome back to the Wonderlocke. Have f— Oh. Stands by that interrupted statement, regardless. F. Remembers that monster well. Crushed Nimbus :castform: in a solo run. Fainted—at level 80—for the first time since level 2. Crunch, Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace, and Brick Break on Veteran...
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    Wedlocke Peyton's FIRST Pokemon Platinum Wedlocke!

    Good luck on the challenge. Chose a difficult one for your first one. (Only attempted one Nuzlocke, on a different game. Heard it was tough, though.) Which battle(s) are you dreading the most? Out of curiosity, why did you never choose Piplup before? Hoped you would get a Shinx with...
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    Sword/Shield Spoiler Thoughts on Isle of Armor

    @Anthrix Diglett hunt: Forgot to consider something initially: screen size. Plays it on a normal Switch in Tabletop mode. Which mode do you normally play in? Feels sorry for Switch Lite owners. Drops from a 6.2 inch (157 millimeter) screen to 5.5 (140 millimeter). Sharpedo attacks: Dodges...
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    Sword/Shield Spoiler Thoughts on Isle of Armor

    (Used the spoiler tag, just in case.) Played through the Isle of Armor. Thoughts: - Reintroduced a lot of liked Pokemon: Starmie :starmie:, Luxray :luxray:, Sandslash :sandslash:, and Skarmory :skarmory:. Appreciates several others as well, even if not as highly regarded...