Hi! Welcome to mine and Paris' profile. My name's Chloe! This must be a little confusing as to why someone goes by two names, but let me explain:

We're two different people in one body, like... a host who has an alternate personality, so-to-speak! It's overall pretty complicated, but that's all you need to know really, Paris is the host and I'm the alter!

You can distinguish us by the text we use while posting!
I go with this!
Paris goes with this!
We will usually go by this if we're speaking for both of us.

And on discord, I (Chloe) usually go by the username "dreams" and have brighter profile pictures, Paris however usually has darker ones and slightly darker names!

Got it? Great!

Now for the actual "About me" stuff!

Hi! My name's Chloe. I go by she/her and I'm a proud gay cutie! ♥
I've been interested in Pokémon ever since I appeared, it's just so cute and cuddly! My hobbies include: playing video games in general, watching lots of anime, drawing (rarely), looking at memes and roleplaying!
I listen to Vocaloid (preferably UTAU), REOL, and other kinds of Japanese stuff! I listen to English music too, of course!
That's all folks, Chloe out!

Now it's my turn, huh? Fine.

Heya, my name's Paris. I go strictly by they/them, although I am biologically female and look/sound the part. Also, I like girls.
I've been into Pokémon ever since I was 7. I don't have interesting hobbies, but they include... uh... roleplaying and sleeping... and watching anime. Sorry if I'm boring.
I listen to Deathcore, Rap, Lo-Fi at times... just overall sad music.

That's it, I guess.
April 13
Chloe or Paris (explained in bio)
Time Zone
GMT +1
Pokémon Interests
Casual Player, Breeder, Shiny Hunter, Challenger