Veteran Fan

-Former Competitive player '05 - '17 (too old now lol)
-Frontier Enthusiast
-Ribbon Collector
-Shiny Collector
-Frequent Breeder
-Legendary Hoarder
-Event Collector
-Legitimate Player
-Retail RNG'r
-holder of all NA copies of the core series games (LGP&E are not core. Have at you. joking... sorta.)

Favorite Pkmn(s):

Overall: Haxorus/Tyranitar
Gen I: Nidoking HM: Arcanine, Gyarados, all three starters
Gen II: Tyranitar HM: Scizor, Umbreon, Feraligatr
Gen III: Sceptile HM: Salamence & Milotic
Gen IV: Gliscor HM: Lucario
Gen V: Haxorus HM: Volcarona, Galvantula, Hydreigo, Chandelure
Gen VI: Aegislash HM: Noivern, Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Trevenant
Gen VII: Undecided HM: Salazzle, Pallossand, Alolan-Ninetails
HM = Honorable Mention

Current Projects:
Ribbon mastering - a handful of monsters
completing this list
Battle Ready variant of each final stage evolution
Obtaining a legitimate shiny event genesect

Personal Failures:

-shiny gligar with wrong ability
-shiny totodile with wrong gender
-resetting game without saving after playing for 3 hours
-gold save file corruption (rip) rebuilt new team on VC
-soul silver save file corruption (rip) work in progress rebuilding...
-first and only failed encounter shiny, graveler in silver version
-losing on battle 48 or 49 in the maison (these stories are the best/worst)

Personal Achievements:

-Various Competitive shiny bred pkmn
-Completed dexes: Red, Soul Silver, all of gen 6 & 7.
-Shiny gen II Ho-oh obtained in gold with no tool assists
-100+ straight wins on wifi (X&Y)
-Various ribbon master pkmn (a pkmn that has obtained all possible ribbons)
-A myriad of things only I prolly show interest in lol
Dragonspiral Tower Summit
Favorite Pokémon
Pokémon Interests
Competitive Battler, Breeder, Shiny Hunter, Collector, Trader, Challenger