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    F. The Nintendo Direct was incredible and Sword and Shield gameplay looked fanastic. The comment...

    F. The Nintendo Direct was incredible and Sword and Shield gameplay looked fanastic. The comment on transferring only Galar region mons was a huge stubbed toe.
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    Sword/Shield What version are you getting?

    Now that the box arts have been revealed, we now know who the cover legendary Pokémon are. We may not know the version exclusives yet but so far which version are you getting? I'm probably getting both just because I tend to get both versions of the main games.
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - Attention, @Rifters!

    hello christy, you are now in this club. welcome! 🦐 Thank you the birthday wish and the kind words Ben! Maybe one day I'll fully get back in the competitive scene but for now I have been participating in the online competitions. The direct has been enjoyable and it's great it played before I...
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    Sword/Shield Spoiler First Batch of New Pokemon: Who are your Favs?

    Tfw I'm tempted to name Zacian Repede. Anyways, Corviknight is my favourite out of the bunch. I love those eerie eyes and it's nice to see another Steel/Flying-type (well, Flying/Steel) that's like Skarmory (one of my favourites). It's nice to see a raven Pokémon too. Drednaw is adorable too...
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - Attention, @Rifters!

    Eyy welcome back Chris! I've heard about the Alberta wildfires and I did see the sky all smoky where I live that one day. I think it might be better because I didn't see a whole lot of smoke today (I hope it's under control). Yeah, it does suck to have a finger broken for your dominant hand. I...
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    🎈 The official HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread! 🎈

    Happy birthday Clebby! (And today is my birthday too! ;D)
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - Attention, @Rifters!

    Good luck with your new job Andrew and I'm glad the weather cleared just in time for the Phillies game Scott! Anyways, I broke my pinky on May 21 trying to get a dog and I ended up slamming my hand on the gate instead. I did manage to get the dog but my pinky just swelled up so I went to the...
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    Rate the Pokémon Above You! V.3

    8.5/10- Neat concept, unique design, and definitely formidable in battle. Petilil? :petilil:
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    Post an Insane Lie about the Person above You v2

    Once returned a puzzle because it had broken pieces.
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    The Ultimate Animal Tournament (Barn Owl VS Cuttlefish) (Little Brown Bat VS Poison Dart Frog)

    Bearded Dragon Bearded Vulture Norwegian Forest Cat Cape Hunting Dog Elephant Seal
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    Favorite Legendary Pokemon

    Yveltal because it's a good bacon birb. I also like Lunala and Rayquaza.
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - Attention, @Rifters!

    Welcome to the club Ben! We may or may not have knives but we do have banhammers. 👀 I never took Spanish but I did go to Barcelona. I did take French courses though.
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    favorite human character

    Grimsley, hands down. I love his design and his personality, also he uses Dark-types which is a huge plus. I am also fond of Colress, Zinnia, Sidney, Nanu, and Miror B.