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  • Disclaimer: I'm only sort of present, but not really. Basically put I don't actually have internet, I'm using a family member's phone's hotspot to do this. Which means I'm using data, which is being throttled because we're all using the data for access to the internet and Netflix. This has been status quo since December 21st and will be until the 6th.
    Half past eleven, bored, not tired, probably going to go grab a glass of water and then write something... Preferably not about the glass of water, I don't think I could come up with enough descriptions to make that remotely interesting.
    Fun fact: Passive Aggressive attempts at conversion are actually worse than honest and upfront attempts. Because being honest and upfront is still *******, but at least you aren't hiding anything. The passive aggressive method just makes you look worse. And neither will succeed at converting me.
    Leaving in half an hour for Pathfinder... Well first to hang out with friends and then to play Pathfinder after that, but you get the idea.
    Taking me completely by surprise, a friend gifted me Arcanum on Steam... I know what I'll be playing later.
    Well I'm off to spend roughly twelve-ish hours watching movies of varying quality and eating finger foods. And maybe drinking. Yay family tradition. I'll only post reviews when asked though, primarily because I don't want to make a review thread in the library for something I only do once a year.
    Ah the fun relaxing sounds of a D&D podcast in my headphones... Okay, it's more of a youtube video, but video is optional.
    Home from an early thanksgiving celebration. Drinking was encouraged. Didn't drink though.
    Glad you had fun! And yeah, drinking can have pretty crazy results xP
    New place, new wifi password to remember, only a week to stay here. C'est la vie, or at least that's life until we rebuild. If at any point I seem strangely calm about my situation, I'm panicking internally. If this becomes external, let me know and I'll try to regain composure.
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