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    Accepting Started Giovanni's Kanto

    Alexander smiled "I have faith in Kumi's ability to control her flamethrower," he nodded at Reverie "and no matter what we decide to do, we could sit here forever worrying about how someone could get hurt trying it." The other trainer seemed oddly angered by he and the others suggestions, so...
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    Accepting Started Giovanni's Kanto

    Alexander looked around the cell at each of the people and Pokèmon held captive along with him. Three other guys, three girls, and a Pokèmon for each person. A silver-haired, purple-eyed guy with a Prinplup, a green-eyed guy with a Spritzee, a girl with faintly red hair and eyes who had a...
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    Campfire Acceptance - Campfire

    Hello :yay: this seems like an interesting RP, so if you don't mind and nobody has reserved the spot, I'll put in this form for Mew's chosen. Personality: Alex had always been known for two things; causing trouble for others, and digging into people's business. He just couldn't help but wonder...