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  1. Want Riolu egg

  2. Want Riolu egg

    Hey guys and gals, I’m in need of some help! Is anyone able and available to breed me a Riolu egg unhatched in a normal pokeball? I’m restarting my game so I won’t be able to offer much initially but I’ll for sure trade anything valuable that I get to you.
  3. Trading sword exclusives for shield exclusives

    sorry for the late reply but I'll trade with you both!
  4. Trading sword exclusives for shield exclusives

    Hey there, I have throh, vullaby, lunatone, and oranguru to trade.
  5. Pokedex Pokemon

    Hey guys I'm looking for Duraludon, Durant, and Eiscue just to register for the pokedex I'll trade them right back!
  6. Want TR's

    Hey guys, does anyone have an extra TR's for Thunderbolt and Sludge Bomb, also air slash if there is one? We can negotiate items but I cant find any vendors with them.
  7. Want 3 pokemon

  8. Want 3 pokemon

    Hey, guys, I'm looking for Hawlucha, Torkoal, Durant, and Greedant. If you guys have any of those please let me know! they're for my Pokedex and I can trade them right back.
  9. Want Dawn Stone

    Hey guys I’m looking for a dawn stone to evolve my snorunt, I have a shiny wooloo I will trade.
  10. Want Cherubi and Goldeen

    Hey guys I’m looking for Cherubi and Golden for my Pokédex! If you can help I’ll be sure to trade them back to you!
  11. Toxel Egg

    Hey guys, I was wondering could get me a Toxel egg unhatched in a regular pokeball? I’m still fresh until the game but I can repay you down the line!
  12. New to forums!

    Hey guys, I’m new to the forums and looking forward to making friends and trading with them! I play Pokémon shield so if anybody needs Shield Exclusives be sure to hit me up.