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    DPPt Share Your Sinnoh Teams! What Pokemon did you use to beat Cynthia?

    Platinum was the first Pokemon game I beat and my team was: :infernape: :togekiss: :garchomp: :jolteon: :azumarill: :weavile: I also have some memories like Azumarill basically being a slave (3 HMs) and Jolteon having only STAB moves (thus I needing Exp. Share to train it against Cynthia).
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    Favorite Legendary Pokemon

    My favorite legendary is Lugia but I also like Lunala, Shaymin and Kyogre
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    Hi, I'm a newbie

    Hi everyone! This is my first time at Marriland so I'm still learning how things work here. If I wrote something wrong sorry I'm not a native speaker of English.