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    I regret to inform you that we (Team Rainbow Rocket) have already hacked the site.
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    Welcome Your New Overlords!

    After months of careful planning, we are ready to make our move. Team Rainbow Rocket is ready to strike. We were defeated back in Alola, by some meddling fools, but we set our eyes on a new horizon: the internet. This site will be the first of many to fall victim to our ultimate organization...
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    How to Change Your Username

    How to Change Your Username In the past, username changes have been done on a by-request basis. However, we now have the ability to let users change their own usernames! With this feature we now also have username logs, making the old name change thread obsolete. To change your username...
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    Marriland Forums Social Media: Our Platforms and Points of Contact

    Marriland Forums Social Media Our Platforms and Points of Contact Below is a list of all of our social media platforms, what we use them for, and the staff members in charge of each area. Feel free to check them out! Merushii[/URL][/SIZE] Merushii[/URL][/SIZE]
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    Using Forum Skins

    When you first joined the site, you probably noticed the lovely dark blue theme we have on the site. But did you know that we have multiple skins available for use on the site? This thread is here to show you how to change the theme of the site, as well as to provide a place for users to bring...
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    Collecting Marriland Forums Badges

    Marriland Forums Badges Contrary to when we called Azurilland home, these new forums have a built in badge system. Some are awarded automatically, while others are awarded manually — but they will all appear on a user's profile and, depending on the individual badge, award a certain number of...
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    Warning Definitions, Points, and Automatic Mutes/Bans

    Warning Definitions, Points, and Automatic Mutes/Bans Below is a list of all of the warnings we have on the Marriland Forums, as well as their point values. How many points will trigger an automatic mute/ban will also be defined. If you have any questions about a warning, please contact a...
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    Discover Our Ongoing Forum Events!

    Marriland Forums Events Come one, come all, and take a look at our exciting ongoing events! With events in several different sections and areas of interest, Pokémon and non-Pokémon, there is sure to be something for everyone. As new events are put up here, staff will post to alert you — so be...
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    Minor Updates [Most Recent: November 8, 2020]

    This thread is for any updates that are too minor to have threads of their own. They will be posted as they occur, and the first post will be updated as well for your convenience. Place this thread on Watch to remain in the know! Three Most Recent Minor Updates: November 8th, 2020: @Typhlosion...
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    Current Marriland Forum Staff

    Staff Bios and Focuses Administrators seaturtle ☆ [profile] ☆ Hey guys! I'm seaturtle, but feel free to call me Chris. I'm 19 years old, and am a sophomore in college. I'm currently working part time while I pursue a degree in Software Engineering, but in my free time I enjoy playing Super...
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    Current Marriland Forum Staff

    Current Marriland Forum Staff This topic will include useful information about what each of the staff ranks mean — as well as their members — and explanations on any other present colors. The details about each particular staff member in this listing should assist you in getting specialized...
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    Official Rules of the Marriland Forums

    Other Important Information COPPA Compliance In order to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, we are of the practice that users that are under thirteen be kept off of the forums. This is something that we have to take very seriously, so if there is any question of a user...
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    Official Rules of the Marriland Forums

    #1 Attacking Others Personally in Any Way Is Not Allowed. We will never tolerate, anywhere on our forums including in private conversations, language that is insulting or hateful towards other individuals or groups. This includes, but is not limited to sexism, religious prejudice, racism, and...
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    Official Rules of the Marriland Forums

    Official Rules of the Marriland Forums The rules should be your first stop here on the Marriland Forums — and by signing up, you have agreed to follow them. They exist to help keep the forums clean, smooth-running, and happy. Please give them a read! #1 — Attacking Others Personally in Any...