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    Your go-to device for browsing the Internet.

    I use my iPad Pro most of the time, and then my laptop for things I can’t do on a tablet.
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    Want Looking for male Growlithe for my Let's go Eevee game.

    I'd be willing to get you a Growlithe if you can help me evolve my Haunter into a Gengar
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    Looking to trade Haunter to evolve into Gengar

    I'm looking to trade my Haunter so I can get a Gengar. Thank you!
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    Let's Go Let's Go! Who are you going to use?

    I'm currently using Pikachu, Wartortle, Ivysaur, Charmelon, Nidoking and Pidgeotto. I'm gonna switch Pidgeotto out for something, haven't decided yet.
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    Your Future

    Short term, transfer to my University after finishing my year of community college. Long term, find a job in the tech field and marry my girlfriend.
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    Samsung's Foldable Display

    I'm excited for this. But I would never get the first iteration. We'll have to see the reviews and what problems the first iteration has. The 2nd or 3rd iteration will be the one to get because it will have all the issues worked out.
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    Your First Pokemon Game?

    Mine was Pokemon Emerald. So many memories.
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    Lugia and Ho-Oh available for Sun and Moon at GameStop

    You can get Lugia and Ho-Oh for Sun/Ultra Sun and Moon/Ultra Moon at GameStop until November 25th. These will be the last legendaries. I'm heading to GameStop and I'll try to get a few more codes. I have a few codes for anyone that want them. Please tell me if you took one. A88578TCZHLHJ5KF...
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    Do You Want Kids?

    I'm not sure. I like the idea of having more freedom, disposable income, etc., but my girlfriend wants one kid. If I do have kids, I'll get snipped after one.
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    What kind of 3DS/DS do you use for your Pokemon/other 3DS/DS games?

    I have the SNES themed New 3DS XL as well. I use it for Pokemon and gba games.
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    How open are you about liking Pokemon irl?

    In elementary school, when DP came out, Pokemon was very popular. It faded out in middle school and when I got to high school, nobody talked about it. I wasn't hiding it, but never talked about it. After high school, I'm much more open about it, and people really don't care what you like. High...
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    What Kind of Phone Do You Own?

    I have my Galaxy S8 Plus. I've been a Samsung Knight since freshman year of high school. I'm going to upgrade to the S10 when it comes out.
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    Let's discuss Open World Pokemon

    With an open world Pokemon game, they could easily introduce a new area and new Pokemon to make the wait more bearable. I wouldn't mind the long wait time for a new game.
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    Would You Hug a Snorlax?

    Yes, but I could never wrap my arms around it. Blastoise
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    Rate the Pokémon Above You! V.3

    10/10, one the best pokemon designs, very iconic. Garchomp