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    Accepting Not Started Azoria Campfire

    Here we have the Campfire for all our OOC needs! Character Sheet: Name: Superhero/Villain Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Powers/Gadgets: Personality: History: Other: Link to main thread:
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    Accepting Not Started Azoria (Superhero/Villain Roleplay)

    Plot: Azoria is a rather large city with the worst crime rate in the nation. It's a big city with your normal stuff; tall buildings, skyscrapers, you name it, it's here. But that's not what makes this city stand out from all the rest. Azoria is a city with the most mutants and super-powered...
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    Accepting Not Started Broken World || Campfire

    Name: Angel Gender: Female Species: Shiny Eevee Attacks: Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Double Kick, Quick Attack, Bite, Take Down, Charm Appearance: Personality: Angel is very bubbly and energetic, and loves making friends. she's extroverted and outgoing, helpful traits to have at such a young...
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    whats good

    Hey, Max! It's nice to meet you. Always good to see someone from the old site coming back. It's a shame you can't remember what your old name was, but it happens to the best of us. Hope to see you around!
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    Accepting Not Started Broken World || Campfire

    Name: Meriku Gender: Male Species: Pikachu Attacks: Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Volt Tackle Appearance: Personality: Meriku is a good-hearted Pikachu that tries to do the right thing. He wants the best for his Clan and is very loyal to them. He will fight to defend it with his...
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    Hey There!

    Hello there! Nice to meet you as well! ^^ Mmm... I mostly like to write adventure stories. With mystery mixed in. I prefer writing stories with animals or anthro animals, but I'm slowly working on writing more stories with humans in them. Hello there to you too! It's always is nice to see old...
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    Hey There!

    Oh, hey, Isa! It's nice to see you again too! I've been doing alright. How about you?
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    Accepting Not Started Broken World || Campfire

    Here's the Campfire for the RP. Here we shall post our characters and speak about things in the RP and all that. Character Sheet- Name: Gender: Species: Attacks: Appearance: Personality: History: Other: Link to the RP thread...
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    Accepting Not Started Broken World

    The world the Pokemon live in is anything but a paradise. The world is a cold, dark place to live in. It's ashy and toxic. Pokemon hunt each other, fight each other to the death over what little food they can find. Stronger Pokemon force those weaker than them to work for them to make sure that...
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    Hey There!

    Hello there everyone! I was on the old forums as Thunder_Pikachu. I recently remembered the old place and saw that it was moved to here. At first, I was sad to see the old site go, remembering all the fun times I had on that site. But I was overjoyed once I realized that there was a new place...