~Welcome To Mirage's Profile~

Hello to everyone that comes across my profile! For future reference, I commonly go by the name Drake, but you can call me Mirage if you like. It doesn't matter to me. :D

~About Me~

I've began playing Pokemon back in 2004. Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed were the games that started it all for me. I first came across this website around '05 (when it was "pokemon.marriland.com" instead of "azurilland.com"). Back then I never understood forums and all that, so I never joined. After years and years of lurking the forums anyway, I finally decided to give this place a shot!

So, how'd I find this website anyway? Well, to be frank, it was a complete accident! I remember one day hopping onto a computer, and bam, a picture of a pokemon from google images was on the screen! My morbid curiosity got the best of me, so I clicked and found myself here. I was so excited to find out that the Pokedex had exact details and stats for each pokemon! Before that, I would go to Pokemon.com to check out pokemon's stats, and back then, they used a generalized bar system to rank stats. It started out using a scale of 1-5 bars (fun fact: Anorith was the only pokemon with 0 bars, which was his HP stat, which was obviously a glitch. another fun fact: I still remember the number thresholds for the old 1-5 bar system, believe it or not), then it used 1-6, and finally 1-10. Throughout the years my excitement and love for this site never left, which was ultimately the reason why I decided to join.

I'm a very creative person, as you can tell. I love creating lots of things such as Pokemon, stories, characters, art, music, etc. I aspire to be a game developer one day. I wanna use my creative talents such as my writing, and my good vision to help me accomplish that. I also wanna keep improving my skills, such as art, so I can be even more versatile and well-balanced. I'm self-taught as I find my own ways to learn and practice, and don't have a college education. I'm very self-sufficient in that regard.

I'm a pretty active person as well. I love playing basketball when I have the chance. My favorite sports are basketball, football, and baseball, with the Suns, Rams, and Dodgers being my favorite sports teams respectively. If I could, I'd love to play in the NBA or NFL, but alas, the closest I can get to achieving that dream is by playing 2K. Or Madden. At least in those games I can make my favorite teams go undefeated for multiple seasons, mwahahaha! >:D

Well that's that! Now onto some other stuff!

~Favorite Things~

Favorite Game Series: Zelda, Jak and Daxter
Favorite Games: Zelda: Twilight Princess, Jak 3
Favorite Game Genres: Action-Adventure, RPG, Racing
Favorite Music Genre: Metal
Favorite Band: Dream Theater
Favorite Pokemon Region: Hoenn

Favorite Pokemon Type: All of them!
Favorite Pokemon Champion: Steven Stone
Favorite Pokemon Gym Leader: Flannery
Favorite Pokemon Villainous Team: Team Magma
Favorite Pokemon: Groudon, Lugia, Swampert
Favorite Pokemon Games: Omega Ruby, FireRed, Black 2, Crystal, Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

~Forum Information~

I'm a proud member of the following clubs: The Southern Island (Led by Bijou), The Eevee Clan (Led by Solar).
I'm also a very proud Co-Leader of the club ✬Peace of Mind✬ ♡A Mental Health Support Club♡ (Led by QueenMerfairy and I)!
I'm part of the Loog Noog Theater.
Highest CAHAPBAMP Count I've Been A Part of: 809! (11/16/18)
Post Count on Azurilland: 3120.

~Last Words~

Well that's my profile. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read all of that! I'll be chillin' on Azu and Discord, so I'll cya around!

Oct 10, 1996 (Age: 24)
Drake, Mirage, Izzy
Time Zone
(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Favorite Pokémon
Groudon <3
Pokémon Interests
Casual Player, Competitive Battler, Breeder, Collector, Trader, Cloner, Challenger


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