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    Remember the days...?

    I'm with Brett here. I was always obsessed with stats, still am, and when I first discovered, it was the coolest Pokemon site there was. I knew what Serebii and Bulbapedia were, but to me, Marriland was the best one. My favorite part of Marriland will always be the Pokedex...
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    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    Hey everybody! I just wanna say a quick congratulations to Katey and Kaleb! I know you two will do a great job while I'm away! :D Important thing: Just because I'm focused on other things in life doesn't mean I'm no longer there for my friends and for those who need somebody to talk to. I'll be...
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    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    Well, as some of you probably noticed, I haven't been on in a while. I suffered a bit of a burnout from this place and haven't really been motivated to spend my time here. So, since I ultimately don't wanna leave Marri forever, I'm temporarily stepping down so that a member who's dedicated to...
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    Gen 6 Zekrom, Dialgia, and Thunderous

    Thank you Athena for helping me out! <3 Now all I need is a Zekrom. Once again, lend or giveaway, whichever you prefer.
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    Gen 6 Zekrom, Dialgia, and Thunderous

    Awesome!!! I guess we can talk more about it tomorrow on Discord! :)
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    Gen 6 Zekrom, Dialgia, and Thunderous

    It's been 14 days, and I'm just basically confirming that I still need those legendaries, so my offer is still on. To repeat myself, even a loan will do just fine.
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    If You Were a Gym Leader...

    I always wanted to be a Fire type gym leader. I'd be the 8th, my badge would be called the "Volcano Badge" and my TM would be Fire Blast. My gym will be based on a volcano, and thus the puzzles will use lava currents and rock platforms, and you'd have to change the direction of the currents, hop...
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    Gen 6 Zekrom, Dialgia, and Thunderous

    Once again, thanks Raptor! Ain't cloning awesome? Haha
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    Gen 6 Zekrom, Dialgia, and Thunderous

    That'll be fine.
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    Gen 6 Zekrom, Dialgia, and Thunderous

    To elaborate further, I have OR, and I would like for someone who has those 3 pokemon, Zekrom, Dialgia, and Thunderous, to temporarily trade them to me so I can get the other appropriate legendaries: Kyurem, Giratina, and Landorus. You don't have to worry about giving them away, just to part...
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    The Insult Bubba Thread

    I saw him stealing candy from a baby one time. What a despicable monster! >:(
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    Gen 7 Giveaway Bred Pokémon Giveaway

    Omg omg omg, I want the 5IV Feebas, 5IV Carvanha, 6IV Honedge, and 5IV Litwick. If I can only have one, definitely the Feebas. Since the Feebas is Gen 7, would it be ok to trade it with a Prism Scale so it can evolve into Milotic?
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    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    sigh being sick is no fun at all. I've been out of commission lately getting as much rest as I could. the whole world feels so different when you're sick. :/
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    8. Eh, we could've gotten to triple digits if I wasn't busy with stuff.
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    Gen 7 Giveaway Shiny Pokemon Giveaway ♡

    Hmm, I'd like the rest thank you very much a shiny Gardevoir haha :) You can send me a PM on here or on Discord to get my attention.