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    Sick music in video games

    There are so many OSTs I love that it will go on forever to list them all, so I'm just going with the more forceful battle themes for now: Battle A2 - Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Boss Theme - Persona 5 (Boss's name removed to avoid spoilers. Click link at your own risk) Dusk Falls (Fire) -...
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    Nuzlocke Scramble Moonwatcher's Y Scramble-Nuzlocke

    I've been meaning to document one of my Nuzlockes for a while now, and with the abrupt end of my previous attempt, now is as good a time as any to start. I didn’t die in the tutorial rival battle, which was good. In fact, Ophelia’s first attack of the game procced it’s burn to add some...
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    The Official Scramble Thread

    Ok, so I just need one more reserve pokemon before I can start my Y Nuzlocke :) So far I've got: Dragalge Diggersby Gogoat Delphox Klefki Scrafty And as reserves: Florges Lapras Yanmega
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    What is the last thing you bought?

    The MLP:FiM Humble Bundle. Every IDW FiM comic for only $15. :D
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    [Switch] Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon

    So, I just finished the Black Eagles route. Kinda wishing I'd sided with Rhea now, she's cool. I hope she's playable if I side with her instead... Also, Hubert did the fastest 180 of my repect for any character I've ever seen. Shamir & Hubert's A rank made me dislike Hubert completely. Luckily...
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    Welp, today I was told to stop coming in to help at the shop I've been volunteering at because the boss feels bad that he can't offer me a paid position. :/ At least I got £100 as a thank you for all the work up 'til now.
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    Bernadetta is my spirit animal.

    Bernadetta is my spirit animal.
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    [Switch] Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon

    I chose the Black Eagles first (because of Hubert) and I'm at Chapter 7 I think? Just after the big three way house battle. I am loving almost everything about this game so far. The player character movement speed took some getting used to, but I'm really likeing the Battalions and lack of class...
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    I love the Spyro games! I remember playing loads of Year of The Dragon, and being annoyed that none of the shops nearby had Gateway to Glimmer (Also known as Ripto's Rage,) so I was always missing how Spyro met Hunter and the Professor. And Spyro: A Hero's Tail was my favourite childhood game...
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    Favorite Type of Challenge Run

    Combo Nuzlocke & Scramble. I like the Scramble challenge, as it forces me to use pokemon I wouldn't otherwise. (Dustox for instance) However, I also like adding the Nuzlocke permadeath to pretty much every challenge now, as it add more tension to every battle. So pretty much any challenge that...
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    I vaguely remember watching Dragon Tales when I was younger. Never caught my interest so much. Younger me didn't like the designs of the dragons, and I can't say I disagree now. I've always been a fan of less humanoid dragons, prefering ones like in HTTYD instead. Dragons standing on two legs...
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    What is the last thing you bought?

    Just bought Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle because I completely forgot it was out now. Also picked up Persona Q since it's finally on sale. (Just gotta beat Persona 4 before I play it)