Hello hello to this pocket of the internet~

The name is Moxie, but I used to have the name Daamiyan loooong back! So you can call me either of the two or an amalgamation of random letters if that's your thing~
So I'm a college student! 19 years old and currently in my second year of said college!

Hobbies include Pokemon clearly, but more of the competitive scene rather than casual even though I am fond of a fresh playthrough!
But outside of Pokemon I am an absolute movie geek. I love film as a whole, the writing process especially! But the entire assembly is interesting to me and I just love interesting themes and film tricks and dissecting them in my own time.
I also love comics! Like to the degree that I would probably scare a lot of people who tried to converse with me about that...sure sounds intimidating when I put it like that
As if my list of things I loved wasn’t big enough- Anime is a huge part of my appreciation for animation after I had drifted away from it. I really love anime and am a complete geek for thrilling psychological anime

I hope that you have a good day whoever is bothering to read this unorganized mess. I'm excited to talk to loads of people throughout my time here!
March 11
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Competitive Battler, Challenger