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    Randomizer Azurill Rescue Squad - An Explorers of Sky Randomized Challenge

    Hm. I never knew you could really randomize PMD. :0 (Well. I might have but it didn't stick with me lol) I gotta try that sooner or later lol. (I kinda like exploring dungeons for some reason) And good luck!
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    Monotype "This is completely normal. Yep. Nothing wrong here!"|Emerald Normal-Monotype

    So uh. I had an idea for a while because I'm a madman: "What if I beat Emerald over and over, doing a monotype run for every type? AND make videos about each playthrough?" But then I found out by watching Maririland's stream highlights that this forum exist. So here we are. Still making the vids...
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    Nuzlocke “I Won’t Wait For Someday!” - A Black 2 Idolocke and Dicelocke [Attempt 2!]

    Wow...all those rules. Good luck with that lol. And the run.
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    My preparation for SSBU (Pokemon Ultra Sun Themed Team/Nuzlocke hybrid)

    Hm...interesting! :0 I'm kinda looking forward to this lol.
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    Nuzlocke ⟡💎 Quoake's Pokémon Diamond Nuzlocke 💎⟡ [COMPLETE]

    Congrats on the win! As the others said lol.
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    Match the Above User with a Pokémon

    Ignoring your avatar, Pyroar. I thought I came up with this myself but then I noticed the things in your signature but I'm gonna go along with it lol.
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    In game teams

    I tend to make a team and then end up soloing with a member I overlevel by accident lmao. And for new games (not replays), I make my team based around my new favorite 'mons. I do plan at least one 'mon for replays.
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    Do you think the 3DS is still worth getting?

    As others said, if you don't have it, go get it! It's pretty great!
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    Nuzlocke ⟡💎 Quoake's Pokémon Diamond Nuzlocke 💎⟡ [COMPLETE]

    This is rather interesting so far! It's sad to see Iris go. Good luck with the challenge, tho!
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    Wonderlocke Eres' Adventures in Wonderland - Pendraflare's Ultra Moon Wonderlocke: Set Mode + Item Restrictions [Slashing and Mashing]

    This is a really neat playthrough! Rip Pouncer tho. Also, qotd: I don't really care for the captains. So can I choose Nanu? (...fine. Lana I guess.)
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    I'll have a Three Cheese Pizza with Extra Cheese and a side of Mac and Cheese (Restaurants)

    I used to go to this place called Burger Palace all the time where I had these chicken strips and cheddar bites and I put tons and tons of salt on them and they were the best! Though after I moved and went back to go grab stuff, I went back and I had them and they tasted off? Idk what happened...
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    RSE Wanna just talk about gen 3 all day?

    I love these games too much, man. Mainly Emerald. Like. I like everything about Emerald and yeah. H e l p m e p l e a s e l o l . And we can talk about the gen 1 remakes too. (ignore the RSE I guess) (and I'd rather not talk about the gen 3 remakes tbh. They're just meh)
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    ✎ Post Your Art Social Media! ✎

    PIKMANZ-Forever. Enjoy my pikmin. And occasional wyngro.
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    Discussion How long does your art take?

    My serious art can take like six hours (estimation since I haven't recorded stuff since I moved). (On SAI) Simple doodles that are just construction shapes to lineart to coloring can take around an hour. (On IbisPaint X) I put too much effort into things.