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    Revan('s AMA) Reborn

    Finally done. Sorry for the delay but better late than never I guess? Aang: seaturtle Katara: shhmew Sokka: Kilza Appa: Revan Iroh: also Revan Azula: Flo Mai: Biohazard Ty Lee: Lazuli Toph: theDINOsaurus Zuko: Dregran Jet: Varhii Bumi: Bossvelt Momo: smoky Suki: Bunnie I don't really care one...
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    what made you angery today

    I saw this extremely cute kitten at the pet store but couldn't adopt it because I'm nowhere near ready to take care of a pet atm. Made me sad but still.
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    What Are You Currently Watching/Reading?

    Just saw Spider-Man: Far From Home. Peter Parker is big mood tbh.
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    Day Five Submissions

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    Day Four Submissions

    Logic puzzle
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    Day Four Submissions

    Puzzle 2 is with a = 2 (8-i)*(3+2i) => 24+2 = 26 w/ 9 + 4 = 13 from (3-2i)(3+2i) on the bottom so a = 2 GOODJOBSOLVINGTHECAESARCIPHERYOULLFINDTHENEXTPAGEBYGOINGTOSEATURTLESPROFILEANDCLICKINGONTHEHEARTATTHEEND Sheikah puzzle: Has it gotten Hard enough foR...
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    Day Three Submissions

    Just have flash today. EDIT 20:30 updated score
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    Day Two Submissions Thread

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    Mobile Games Spectacular - Rhythm and Color!

    My Color game score is trash so have a bunch of rhythm game stuff.
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    Day 1: To-Do List

    I like People of Play as well.
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    Day One Submissions

    Flash scores and scavenger hunt
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    Quiz Time!

    I'm in again this year.
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    what made you angery today

    I live right next to the door leading to the stairwell and it keeps slamming at 1 AM after I go to bed because people are going in and out and there hasn't been a doorstop for weeks.
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    The Sorting Hat

    -What is your time zone? US Central Time -How much time can you spend on Smash Camp per day (any amount is fine, we just want to keep this in mind)? 0-3 hours. Latter half of the week (Thursday, Friday) may be closer to 0, so fair warning. -Can you take pictures (irl and screenshots on the...
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    December 4, 2013. I've had the same account the whole time with the exception of the transition.