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    You did it! ♥ [Share your accomplishments here!]

    I passed all my classes this semester w/ As somehow...... hallelujah. I really need to register for new classes before it's too late though. xP
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Galar Region Pokemon?

    So what are your favorites and least favorite Pokemon from the new generation?? Personally I adore the Appletun line very much!! I also enjoy Wooloo, Corviknight, Alcremie, Hatterene, Centiskorch, Cramorant, Sandaconda, Runerigus, Galar Ponyta, Polteageist,Falinks Frosmoth, and some other...
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    Favorite Legendary Pokemon

    Um my favorite legendary Pokemon is probably Mew. It's the original mythical Pokemon in the series and it's really cute and unique and has a special place in my heart since like 2005 when I was old enough to play my first Pokemon games. X'D Also can someone generous please explain to me what...
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    what made you angery today

    Dealing w people desperate for my money and trying to bribe me into giving them $90 which I sooo incredibly annoyinggg And cynical about xmas gifts my mom does the exact same thing holy cow she will make my buy expensive designer bags, accessories, palettes and stuff for her usually costing at...
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    What is the last thing you ate?

    Tacos... and I regret it bc I just had two an hour ago
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    Typing Speed Test~

    Nice scores :o The more you take the same test, the better your score will be. I think my wpm improved by 10 after taking Aesop's Fables a couple of times.
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    Typing Speed Test~

    Okay so I took this test like 10x before so getting a better score was easier?? I dunno~
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    Typing Speed Test~

    I like how colours and I literally scored the exact same result on our first try.... sisters??
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    Typing Speed Test~

    Ohh that's pretty good!! 😎 I've also been called out for my typing speed a few times, and it's a pretty nice feeling hehehh I'll retake the test after a few more people post their results because I'm very curious how everyone here scores o:
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    Post an Insane Lie about the Person above You v2

    Doesn't have a cool sig ;o
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    Looking for someone generous to buy me nitro jk sorry

    Looking for someone generous to buy me nitro jk sorry
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    Typing Speed Test~

    So I saw a speed test thread and was immediately like "omg is this for typing??" and it turned out it wasn't so I decided to make this thread. :0 Here's my first result idrc about taking it again unless someone beats meee
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    Music ♫ What Are You Listening To? V5 ♫

    Hikaru Utada & Shiina Ringo!! 😍 😌
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    Spicy Foods!!

    How spicy can you handle your food?? What's the spiciest food you've tried and how did it make you feel :o The spiciest foods I remember eating were both Korean dishes that I bought at my fav grocery chain, H-Mart. One of the dishes was called tteokbokki and apparently I mistakenly bought the...