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    Wait I ****ing missed Monokuma
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    The Newlywed Game: 2020 Edition

    regine and i are gaming
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    why are there 25 fake pokemon cries in a row
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    Prom Mad Libs - 2020 edition

    Regine and I are in
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    all the songs that I cant figure out are fake songs
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    Decorate the Dancefloor! (cooldown reduced!)

    Doge is lonely somebody give him a friend
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    Marriland Prom 2020: Sign-Ups & Information

    Username: Rydia Partner’s username (if applicable): Thundawave Timezone: PST Do you prefer chicken or pasta?: Chicken Other information: Die Nick
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    Marriland Prom 2020: Interest + Feedback Thread

    Are you interested in participating in MarriProm this year? Possibly, if I can find a partner to go with What events would you like to see return? What do you think we could do better? Newlyweds and Mad Libs are events I'd love to see return. Do you have any ideas for new events? I had a...
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    The Shiny Pokemon Thread!

    ok so apart from shinies that I got through, uh, lets call them "special methods", I actually have quite a few shinies. HGSS: -I found ****ING SHINY PIDGEY: Normally I would be very excited but you know what? THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST ENCOUNTER I HAD IN THE GAME. I **** you not, I started my...
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Galar Region Pokemon?

    There's actually very few Pokemon I'd probably say I really dislike. Polteageist, Hatterene, and Grimmsnarl would be my top 3 this gen. I also like Sirfetch'd and Corviknight as well. I can't stand the fossils tho. Fossils, Meowth line, and Drizzile I am not a fan of.
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    i don't sleep

    i don't sleep
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    Marriland Secret Santa! [2019 edition](Merry Christmas! Gifts are in!)

    wait omg, I ****ing love this gift, ty whoever got this for me! happy holidays everybody!
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    Anime/Manga Best Anime Songs (OPs, EDs, and Everything in Between!)

    Here's some songs that I like Crying for Rain - Minami (Kawaki no Ameku OP) Hydra - MYTH & ROID (Overlord 2 ED) Ninelie -cry-v- - Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Aimer (Koutetsujou no Kabaneri: Tsudou Hikari ED) Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku - Amazarashi (Tokyo Ghoul Root A ED)
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    Marriland Secret Santa! [2019 edition](Merry Christmas! Gifts are in!)

    I'M IN Edit: got pokeman sord
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    Big Brother: Final 2 Discussion Thread

    damn bro you vibin Well for me when I put you up it was to stop you and Flo from being too strong together. We honestly took advantage of our situation, and figured that Benny not submitting was good for us and when you saved Flo, that kinda sealed your fate. It's the year 2020. Shantae has...