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    A wild person appeared! . . . . It's the same pokemon as the last grass patch you touched.

    Should I say "welcome" or "welcome back"? :thonkazurill: Either way, hope you'll settle in nicely here. :mrgreenazurill:
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    charlotte's very first nuzlocke - pokemon sapphire nuzlocke

    What a rough start... :sadazurill:
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    Ask Me Anything: Blaiddyd Edition

    Why making a new account?
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    Marriland Prom 2020: Interest + Feedback Thread

    Are you interested in participating in MarriProm this year? Well, yeah. I'll probably start out as a lone wolf just like last year, but I don't mind if anyone want me to be their date either. What events would you like to see return? What do you think we could do better? Anything will do...
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    Sword/Shield Expansion Pass

    Since I don't have Switch in the first place (let alone SwSh), :audino: whether I should be excited or not. But still, for this being the first DLC in the main Pokemon games, gotta say that I'm impressed. I mean, remember when SwSh first came out? Back then, there were dataminers who managed to...
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    Picture Telephone! [Round 5 sign-ups are closed!]

    Man, seems like I really am getting addicted to this game. Might as well joining again. :hmmazurill:
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    It's Super Defective! (not to be confused with "It's Super Effective!")

    Remember the :hatterene: from before? She was so frustrated at her previous attempt of attacking the :hitmonlee: to the point of her (successfully) unleashing a Brutal Swing. I mean, of all things she could've thrown at him, why Brutal Swing? :thonkazurill:
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    Who's that Pokemon?

    Legendary-in-training? Gotta be :keldeo: :thisisfineazurill: Nope, not :arceus:. I was talking about :regigigas:. And as a side note, Shadows of Almia is a part of Ranger series with browser as its Pokedex equivalent. And now, fill in the blanks here: "It has become common in Turffield to see...
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    New here

    Hullo new friendo. Hope you'll love being here. :mrgreenazurill:
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    Last Letter, First Letter v4

    Speaking of multiple forms, does mega form count? If it does, then might as well slap :kangaskhan: :megakangaskhan: into the waiting list. :whistleazurill:
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Results ❄

    Uh, who's CassiaVolt again? :thonkazurill: Also, congrats for the winners :mrgreenazurill:
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    It's Super Effective!

    But a :natu: ruined the dance by landing on :ludicolo:'s head and Pecked it.
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    It's Super Defective! (not to be confused with "It's Super Effective!")

    But the :lanturn: didn't realize that it had been stalked by a random :empoleon: who tried to stab it with a Metal Claw upon getting caught doing so.
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    Odd Pokémon Out

    :escavalier: as the only one requiring trade-evolution with a certain species (namely :shelmet: and :karrablast: who will evolve into :accelgor: and :escavalier: upon being traded with each other). :vulpix: :sandshrew: :darumaka:
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    Last Letter, First Letter v4

    But will it be able to survive at :numel:'s natural habitat (volcanic mountains)?