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    The Ultimate Animal Tournament (Barn Owl VS Cuttlefish) (Little Brown Bat VS Poison Dart Frog)

    Barn Owl | Cuttlefish Little Brown Bat | Poison Dart Frog I have a soft spot for owls and birds in general, cuttlefish are wonderful creatures but I have birb bias. Please look at r/superbowl if you need more convincing of how great owls are. More indifferent on this second match. Bats are...
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    Animal Crossing 🍃🍎

    Animal Crossing has always been a hard game for me to get into. I've had the one on the gamecube and I've had new leaf, and while I had fun with both for a few hours, the game quickly got boring for me personally. New Horizons however. That, I'm excited about. I love the concept of being able...
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    🌵 Cacnea Compound - you probably having hug

    You absolute madlad
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    🎈 The official HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread! 🎈

    Damn, lotta birthdays all at once Happy birthday Raven!
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    How angery are you? (Multidimensional Anger Test)

    I think how most people perceive anger itself is anger arousal. Like how quickly people get upset. Seems like the scores people feel more accurately represents them is that first indicator rather than the total. I feel like some of these actually reflect how angry people are (mainly the first 3)...
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    the obligatory Accent Challenge/Voice thread also decided to do this with an accent I use a lot in a character of mine because why not
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    16 Hey @ Athena/Godot Relaxing and listening to piano music atm. It's really calming and nice, and it's got nature scenery to go along with it.
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    The Happy Thread

    I was told something yesterday that is probably the nicest thing I will hear in my entire life about how I touched someone else's life. I've been going on walks every day recently, and I'm trying to work out every day too, and that's really been making me feel happy that I'm actually sticking...
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    13 Oof a big mood, I think backlogs are always going to be a pain in the ass though. I’ve got so many games to get through at this point personally.
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    10 It's been a hot sec since I've played Ult, I think I saw a youtube thumbnail about Pichu getting nerfed?
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    🌵 Cacnea Compound - you probably having hug

    Isn't trying to find a lawful way of throwing a rebellion kind of defeating the purpose?
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    Sword/Shield What version are you getting?

    Personally, I'm waiting to see what the version exclusives are. I slightly lean towards Sword because I think a legendary of just a dog holding a sword is hilarious and because I like the blue color scheme more, but I could easily be swayed the other way.
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    Prom Dinner: A Coconut Beach Variant - DESSERT!

    Wow I can't believe Vult and I were 3rd and 2nd last. That's hilarious
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    Wow absolutely no confidence in yourselves s m h I deserve to be here :happy:
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    wtf no but the song yall are proposing is actually a song, its like the entire song too. 4'33". hit us up w trailer music we'd destroy that round