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    Minor Updates [Most Recent: May 1, 2020]

    May 1st, 2020: @Merushii has resigned from her position as an administrator. We'd like to give her a big thanks for everything she has done for the team and the site, and wish her well in the future.
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    I didn't find any shiny Abra ;;
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    What Are You Currently Playing? V3

    Lately I've been playing Persona 5R and Animal Crossing!!! Both are amazing games for completely different reasons, but they're definitely helping me stay occupied during quarantine hahah.
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    Smash Camp interest

    Echoing Curry a bit here - I'm happy to help host, but a big factor is just if it'd even be worth it. It takes a lot of effort to make happen, both from the leaders and from the campers. If there's not gonna be a very good turnout, trying to build excitement and run it would be more discouraging...
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - :sirfetchd:

    I can't imagine being in the class of 2020 right now.... missing your senior year of HS would be rough. Everyone's missing out on something right now, but some things you can't make up. Hope you're all doing ok and taking care of yourselves, physically AND mentally.
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    Coronavirus (Self-Care) Club

    Lots of Animal Crossing for me, hahah. That and working from home...
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    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    It's been nice here, which is one good thing about this week :')
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    Tournament Marriland Draft League Season 3

    Forum Name: seaturtle Discord Name: seaturtle#7389 Pokemon Showdown Name: seaturtle7389 Timezone: mountain (-6:00) Participant/Observer: participant
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    The Newlywed Game: 2020 Edition

    👀 Congrats to Rydia and Thundawave, pulling a W for the Fangurls UwU
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    The Newlywed Game: 2020 Edition

    Sorry for the delay everyone, but the questions have been sent!
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    The Newlywed Game: 2020 Edition

    The Newlywed Game This event is based off of the American game show of the same name. The gist of it is that you and your partner will each answer questions, and then you'll try to predict what your partner said as well. Whichever pair gets the most matches wins! - Each couple will be given...
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    Prom Mad Libs - 2020 edition

    oh ya kat and i are in
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    tfw u and ur partner talk about the songs but never submit
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    die nick ?
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    Marriprom Art Contest! [Art is due the 15th!]

    jajajajaj kat will draw i will write