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    Marriland Prom 2020: Interest + Feedback Thread

    Hey everyone! It's nearly February, and with that comes a relatively recent tradition of ours: Marriland Prom. Marriprom is a forum event where users pair up to participate in various events. These events have included things like competitive Pokemon tournaments, a forum-version of the...
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Results ❄

    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019 ❄ Welcome, everyone to the results of the 2019 Marriland Awards! This year we've put together a slideshow-tier video highlighting the winners of each categories. It's pretty basic but I hope you at least enjoy it, heheh. Without further ado.... here are the winners of...
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    merry crisis

    merry crisis
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    Marriland Secret Santa! [2019 edition](Merry Christmas! Gifts are in!)

    lmao my gift made me giggle so much, thank you to my Secret Santa, merry Christmas (:
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Voting Thread ❄

    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019 ❄ Welcome, everyone, to the voting portion of the 2019 Marriland Awards! You only have one vote, and may vote for anyone who's nominated (besides yourself). Rules: You may not vote for yourself. The form requires you to include your username, so I'll know if you do >:(...
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    🌵 Cacnea Compound - you probably having hug

    bro... i just want nachos bro
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    🌵 Cacnea Compound - you probably having hug

    hi!!!!!!! gimme all your nachos
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    ❄️ Marriland Awards 2019: Nomination Thread ❄️

    Nicest Member: @Moxie, @Kaori Funniest Member: @Zerade Most Helpful Member: @Screem, @Thundawave Funniest Quote: @Kaori's Polteageist Coolest Member: @Moxie, @BasedJarrod Most Missed Member: @Bones Barlow, @Revan Best Returning Member: @ihsaan Best Status Update: do u rememba, jeopardy special...
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    ❄️ Marriland Awards 2019: Nomination Thread ❄️

    Is there a particular challenge you could nominate for Deva? It makes it easy to link to threads for people when voting if there is.
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    Discover Our Ongoing Forum Events!

    Nominations for the Marriland Awards 2019 are open! [x]
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    ❄️ Marriland Awards 2019: Nomination Thread ❄️

    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019 ❄ Welcome, everyone, to our annual Marriland Awards! Here, members will nominate other people for award categories, and in one week, we'll vote on the nominations. The results will be announced on January 1st, after counting all the votes. Rules + How to Nominate You...
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    Marriland Frequently Asked Questions + Ask your quick questions here!

    We can make adjustments, but what in particular do you like about the desktop version? I think that the first (<<) and last (>>) buttons could be a bit nicer if they has a full button instead of being just the icon, but beyond that I'm not sure what should be changed. The mobile page control...
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    Veteran User, New Profile

    Connor!!!!!!!!!! It's been a while, but I'm always happy to see ya (: glad to hear you're sticking around, man.
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    Sword/Shield Confused about EV Training (PokeJobs)

    I'd guess that during the last training, the Pokemon just got 60 EVs, bringing the total to 252. That's the maximum possible, so it definitely didn't go higher than that. It's probably just an oversight that it said +96, since that's what the job gives. As a general note, you should be able to...