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    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    @Beavie I get what you're saying but right now I just need to be alone.
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    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    I'm home again and I hate it the summer always sucks and I hate it I can't stand living in my household I think I just need to be alone. when I spend so much time alone they worry about me but its just so much better. I hate hearing everyone's opinions on things. I vent my anxiety to them and it...
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    How angery are you? (Multidimensional Anger Test)

    I get angry quickly and about a lot of things. At least my internal anger is low! I'm surprised about hostile outlook though. I don't think people intend to inconvenience / anger / annoy me, I think most of the time it's innocuous. I still kind of blame them for it though...
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    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    My pronouns are he/him. I'm starting a new job on Monday and I'm super nervous. Especially since the commute is long and I haven't driven in awhile. I'm also exhausted since I had an 8 hr flight from London back to New York, I'm jetlagged so I woke up really early. I'm so scared. What if I'm...
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    🎈 The official HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread! 🎈

    Hey guys... TODAY is my birthday! :prideazurill::hearteyesazurill::joyousazurill: I mean seriously it is. I'm 21.
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    Just Ask Me Something, Will You?

    1) oh my gosh now I want a picnic AT the beach!! Probably beach because I like putting my feet in the sand. 2) cold water, mate 3) chocolate fudge brownie! 4) when I was a kid I was scared of them but now I don't mind them if I'm in the house. But I'd rather not be driving in a storm since...
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    The Ultimate Animal Tournament

    Highland Cow Maned Wolf Peregrine Falcon Red-winged blackbird Sumatran Tiger
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    Pet Peeves

    I hate people who laugh loudly in public spaces, particularly when I'm tired/ hungry. Also if they have an annoying laugh. I hate when adults used to say "you'll change your mind when you get older." I'm 20 now so nobody really says that anymore. I dislike when people try to talk to me while...
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    Guess Which User Posts Next! V2

    Nope. Rockie?
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    What is your type of partner?

    I think my partner would be / have: queer short hair around my age masculine I tend to be attracted to people like me, so mostly other boys. mostly trans boys. hardworking VERY rare partier / drinker. I don't enjoy partying or drinking at all - I'd much rather leave after 10 minutes to go...
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    Portfolio Seb's Pokemon Art

    I drew a crow
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    Last Letter, First Letter v4

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    You did it! ♥ [Share your accomplishments here!]

    I won two awards at my college! The first award was for Computer Science, and it is awarded to only one student entering their senior year. So out of like 20-30 people, they chose ME as the best! I was so proud. The second award was for Mathematics, there were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with...
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    Body Appreciation thread

    Likes: There's a lot for me to like about my body. I'm naturally quite thin so I like my shape as I'm angular, which is very lucky for a trans guy like me. My face is pretty good, in the right lighting my jawline looks very cool. I love my smile (does that count?) and how my eyes can look so...
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    Picture Telephone! [Round 5 results!]

    Oh yeah, I thought that was interesting too! I think you nailed it :)