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  1. Need help building a team

    I've just managed to get the team together, with all the adjustments, and will start to test it out, it's been a long time since I played so I'll take a while to adjust to this team. Thanks for all your advice in helping me build this team.
  2. Need help building a team

    Thanks for your reply, by bp and bpha i meant they had the perfect ivs and hidden ability, also this is for Gen 8 but legendary pokemon aren't allowed. but ill rewrite the team with the abilities listed and the changes you suggested, 1. Garchomp Ability:Rough Skin Nature: Jolly Item...
  3. Need help building a team

    I'm trying to build a competitive team, legendaries aren't allowed, so i wanted to know if this was a good team, i don't want to make too many changes but if this team isn't good i would like suggestions on how to improve it. 1. BPHA Garchomp Nature: Jolly Item: Rockium Z EVS...