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    The Newlywed Game: 2020 Edition

    Blaidyd and I want in
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    Marriland Prom 2020: Sign-Ups & Information

    Username: Crystal Partner’s username (if applicable): Blaiddyd Timezone: EST Do you prefer chicken or pasta?: Chicken Other information: Let’s dance *****es
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    Elimination Elimination Vote #12: Flo and Zerade

    Oh how the mighty have fallen, not with a bang but a whimper.
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    Immunity Immunity Challenge #7: Tetris

    Me too!
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    Favorite YouTubers

    For games: Jwittz, SomecallmeJohnny, Scott the Woz (sometimes), Caddicarus, Mangs (sometimes), BlazingKnight, Alpharad, Game Grumps (sometimes), PeanutButterGamer (sometimes) For movie criticism: YourMovieSucks, I Hate Everything, Nostalgia Critic, Chris Stuckman For anime: Otaku Fan Girl...
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    Of course I’m not okay. I HATE SPOOKS

    Of course I’m not okay. I HATE SPOOKS
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    Sword/Shield Opinions on every Pokemon not being Included

    I’ve had my opinion on this subject for a while now, but I wanted to wait until the dust settled to actually post it here. My thoughts basically sum up to: shrug. I’m not gonna say that this is a good change, but it’s not a change that personally effects me. I’m not a collector at heart, much...
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    Silver’s AMA

    Vampires SUCK. Alright in all seriousness, they’re interesting in terms of lore and whatnot, but I’m not particularly attached to them I’d say Count von Count from Sesame Street.
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    How did you get your username?

    Might as well indulge. Back on the old site, I wanted my username to be Shadow (after the hedgehog) since he is one of my favorite characters, but I think that was already taken at the time. So to compromise, I added another one of my favorite characters to the mix, being Silver (the Pokémon...
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    You’re not the first one to see it like that heh :upsidedownazurill:

    You’re not the first one to see it like that heh :upsidedownazurill:
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    Ha get dunked edelgard lul

    Ha get dunked edelgard lul
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    If you never had bbq fritos, you’re dead inside.

    If you never had bbq fritos, you’re dead inside.
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    Say Something Nice About the Above Poster v2

    I’m only vaguely familiar with you, but I like your sense of humor and feel pleasant vibes whenever you’re around to talk. Stay fresh!