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  • "Karma" from Tales of the Abyss won't be getting out of my head anytime soon. Such a good song to listen to.
    I'm actually glad Byleth made it in. What I'm annoyed with is all of the salty haters.
    I still would've preferred Lloyd or Luke, though. Tales representation would be nice. (I'm still not counting the Mii Swordfighter costume from Smash 4.)
    Crazy how it's already the 2020's. I accomplished so much during the 2010's, for better or worse. . . I wonder what this decade will bring?
    "MAYDAY"'s lyrics have such power to them. . . "Take what you got and leave now. You're wearing out your welcome. No one here wants to see you, hear you. Think that you've won from day one, but soon the devil will come. You know just why he wants you, don't you?"
    Looking up different seiyuu to assign to NPCs in a Discord RP is totally valid, right? Especially when other people in the RP are also trying to determine them?
    Hopefully the Spider Isekai's anime is a decent adaptation, because then it could become one of my favorite Isekai anime along with Mondaiji, Log Horizon, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, TenSura, Grimgar, and NGNL.
    Today, I've been blessed. The one fanartist that draws art of Cordelia released a new work on Twitter of her, and Cordelia also apparently was added to Discord's Mudae bot's database. Also I got one of the Twin Star Exorcists OPs on AnimeMusicQuiz. Truly a blessed day.
    I have internal demons that want to smack anyone whose opinion is "objectively correct". But I am a Demon myself, so I can control them. Usually.
    I can't wait for absolutely nothing special to happen on the fifth. Well, other than the new FGO anime airing. I guess that's something.
    Rohan Kishibe, Stella Vermillion, Aria H. Kanzaki. . .
    What do these three anime characters have in common?
    They appeared in my dream last night in some fashion.
    Could you not change your video player. . .
    Glares at Crunchyroll
    lol crunchyroll

    I can barely ever get the darn thing to load. watching the end of ygo 5ds has never been so difficult :,)
    @Resolute I normally watch on desktop, and they recently changed the video player, so now I can't do a x2 speed run of One Piece without buffering constantly.
    Number of times favorite characters have shown up in my dreams, and I remembered:
    Fran: 1
    Cordelia Kasukami: 1
    Levi Kazama: 1
    Lysithea: 2
    Hmm. . .
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