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  • I can't wait for absolutely nothing special to happen on the fifth. Well, other than the new FGO anime airing. I guess that's something.
    Rohan Kishibe, Stella Vermillion, Aria H. Kanzaki. . .
    What do these three anime characters have in common?
    They appeared in my dream last night in some fashion.
    Could you not change your video player. . .
    Glares at Crunchyroll
    lol crunchyroll

    I can barely ever get the darn thing to load. watching the end of ygo 5ds has never been so difficult :,)
    @Resolute I normally watch on desktop, and they recently changed the video player, so now I can't do a x2 speed run of One Piece without buffering constantly.
    Number of times favorite characters have shown up in my dreams, and I remembered:
    Fran: 1
    Cordelia Kasukami: 1
    Levi Kazama: 1
    Lysithea: 2
    Hmm. . .
    The GSR finally let me summon Fran in FGO.
    Obviously, I got her to max ascension in less than an hour because I was saving my materials for her.
    Out of all the fictional characters to show up in one of my dreams, it was Lysithea? Seriously? I only started playing FE3H yesterday, and she's already shown up. I'm scared of my brain.
    Just thinking about Lloyd, Luke, or Yuri possibly making it into Smash Ultimate makes the Tales fan in me giddy. (I know Lloyd was a Mii Fighter costume in Smash 4, but I want the actual Lloyd.)
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    Considering they're not stopping at 5 DLC fighters, my hope of getting Yuri (or any Tales character) isn't as farfetched as I thought.
    I would be ecstatic if it happened.
    I finished my countdown, but whether I'd link/post it here or not is a completely different story.
    It's anime opening-related, so it wouldn't exactly be the most family-friendly list, which is why I'll hold off on that.
    As I predicted, the new characters in Dr. Stone have made me increase my rating from 7 to 7.5 with just a single episode.
    Me: Takes a screenshot to use in a future Sporcle quiz
    Someone: Uses a screenshot of that exact same moment in their quiz that gets released after I took the screenshot
    Me: Well, shoot, guess I'm gonna have to change my screenshot choice. Good thing I took like 5 of them.
    Now that part 5 has finished airing completely, I've changed my username. Maybe it's a Tales reference, or maybe it's hinting at my true Demonic form. (I wish.) It's probably just me being edgy.
    I love not being able to find that one anime opening that will surely need a link on the countdown I'll be making in the future.
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    I honestly just look up the anime and listen to each opening until I find the one I'm looking for lol.
    starts gathering openings and ending for inevitable countdown.
    I'm doing a seasonal countdown, so all of the OPs for the current season will be judged. The problem is that the Monster Strike The Animation OP is not available on my usual site, nor is there a link to the video in an Anisong Discord I'm in. My only choices are to either link to the instance it was used as an ED (with different visuals than what this season has), or link to the episode on YT and point out a timestamp.
    I feel like if someone asked what video game I'm currently interested in, it would sound like a threat.
    "It's Your Turn to Die."
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