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  • Imagine starting an anime that is known to be a bad adaptation for the sole purpose of making the original material look that much better when you get to it.
    I'm referring to Umineko, by the way.
    I've started the SuMo anime. Wish me luck on catching up on 120+ episodes. I just finished episode 5.
    Sharon's seiyuu. . .
    You're Kana Hanazawa, you're Kana Hanazawa, SHE'S Kana Hanazawa, I'M Kana Hanazawa. Are there any other Kana Hanazawas I need to know about?!
    One week into the new season (sorta), and I love like 3 of the new OPs. I like a lot of them, but love is harder these days for some reason.
    Those 3 that I love being JoJo (Uragirimono no Requiem totally counts), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Afterlost
    Signature changed from Lubbock to Cordelia because I might be a tad bit obsessed with TSE and her in particular. . .
    My favorite One Piece OP is Hard Knock Days (OP18), but it's gonna take me forever to get to that OP unless I dedicate at least an hour to watching One Piece each day, haha. I plan to be done with episode 115 by the end of the day, if anyone's curious.
    I finished XY&Z just in time for Netflix's date of removal. I guess that's what happens when I'm actually determined to watch something, huh?
    Netflix's license on XY&Z apparently runs out on the first of next month.
    I've got about 30 episodes left.
    Time to binge, I guess.
    (Watch as they renew it at the end of the month. . .)
    I've become less and less active on this site. . . Not that it matters, though. I'm just more active on other sites than others at certain times.
    Unless there's a version exclusive I want, I'm definitely getting Sword just to have a bunch of Seiba nicknames (and a Symphogear one)
    If I reincarnated in another world, I'd probably be one of the average townspeople that gets brutally murdered by some impending disaster.
    if i were reincarnated in another world, i'd like to be the queen of a kingdom or is that too ambitious
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