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  • Sharon's seiyuu. . .
    You're Kana Hanazawa, you're Kana Hanazawa, SHE'S Kana Hanazawa, I'M Kana Hanazawa. Are there any other Kana Hanazawas I need to know about?!
    One week into the new season (sorta), and I love like 3 of the new OPs. I like a lot of them, but love is harder these days for some reason.
    Those 3 that I love being JoJo (Uragirimono no Requiem totally counts), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Afterlost
    Signature changed from Lubbock to Cordelia because I might be a tad bit obsessed with TSE and her in particular. . .
    My favorite One Piece OP is Hard Knock Days (OP18), but it's gonna take me forever to get to that OP unless I dedicate at least an hour to watching One Piece each day, haha. I plan to be done with episode 115 by the end of the day, if anyone's curious.
    I finished XY&Z just in time for Netflix's date of removal. I guess that's what happens when I'm actually determined to watch something, huh?
    Netflix's license on XY&Z apparently runs out on the first of next month.
    I've got about 30 episodes left.
    Time to binge, I guess.
    (Watch as they renew it at the end of the month. . .)
    I've become less and less active on this site. . . Not that it matters, though. I'm just more active on other sites than others at certain times.
    Unless there's a version exclusive I want, I'm definitely getting Sword just to have a bunch of Seiba nicknames (and a Symphogear one)
    If I reincarnated in another world, I'd probably be one of the average townspeople that gets brutally murdered by some impending disaster.
    if i were reincarnated in another world, i'd like to be the queen of a kingdom or is that too ambitious
    Smash Bros. Update: My brother has unlocked literally every character already, and he's *seven*.
    Compared to me, who had to get his help just to unlock Ganondorf. . . Man, I suck at Smash.
    Update: Managed to defeat all of the challengers I've fought except for Ganondorf, Chrom, and I think one other. The last one I beat was Dedede.
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