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    Which Generations Have You Played?

    I’ve played Gen 1 (Blue), Gen 2 (Crystal), Gen 3 (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red), Gen 4 (Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, Heart Gold), Gen 5 (Black, White, Black 2, White 2) and Gen 6 (X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire) I think i'll play gen 7, eventually...
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    RSE Wanna just talk about gen 3 all day?

    You're totally right haha. The song south of Lavender it's great, it's also like the menu song from Stadium. In my opinion that soundtrack gets even more amazing in Stadium, i really like Stadium for that. :lol:
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    Guess Which User Posts Next! V2

    Nope. Space, haha :blush: Kilza? (Has a lot of posts xd)
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    Playthrough Styles

    I recently started a collection of save files, i want to have a cleared game file with an, as decent as possible, team from the generation of the game. In the old times i just played just to finish the game, normally using just the overleveled initial and lots of max revive. And almost every...
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    Last Letter, First Letter v4

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    Shiny vs Non-Shiny

    I'll decide for non-shiny Skarmory. I prefer brilliant silver than opaque gold. So, how about Dragonite?
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    Match the Above User with a Pokémon

    I see you and can only think in Manectric. :lol:
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    You're BANNED! V15

    Banned because time is an illusion, there's only space.
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Games

    Wow, such a hard question... Well, probably i'm gonna left out lots of great games but here's the list that comes to my mind right now. My personal top 5. 1.- Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (PS2) 2.- Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) 3.- Digimon World 2003 (PSX) 4.- The Legend of...
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    You're BANNED! V15

    Banned because i don't know badges nor where to see them.
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    You're BANNED! V15

    Banned because no one follows me.
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    You're BANNED! V15

    Banned for having Shaggy Webber as custom title.
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    Favorite Pokémon of each type?

    Well i'd never thought about it, but if i were to make a list of favorite pokemon of each type, would be something like this Grass: Leafeon Fire: Ninetales Water: Empoleon Electric: Ampharos Psychic: Reuniclus Dark: Houndoom Ice: Weavile Dragon: Dragonite Normal: Braviary Flying: Noctowl...
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    ➟ What Is Your Favorite Pokémon

    Well, my favorite is Dragonite. I'd always liked it. Empoleon will always be my favorite starter. And i really like Dialga as legendary. Generally i tend to like Dragon type pokémon, but Dragonite it's the best. :cool:
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    What's your favorite generation of Pokémon?

    My favorite is Gen 4, my first Pokémon game was Diamond, which was one of the games i grew with. I have lots of great memories with my Empoleon and Dragonite, and battling/trading with friends. I remember how much of a hard achievement was to catch other legendaries such as Giratina or Azelf...