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    Gen 8 Gen 7 Gen 6 LF: Genesect (Legit or Cloned) FT: Gen 5 DNS Mons

    Hello! I’m trying to complete my living Dex in Home and I’ve been stuck on this purple guy for awhile. If anyone has a clone they’d be willing to give me I would really appreciate it. If you want something in return, I’d be more than happy to trade for one of the Mons I got by using the DNS...
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    Under-appreciated Pokemon you really like

    I absolutely LOVE Girafirag Octillery and Ledian. All in my top 10 for sure.
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    Every time I hear the Zubat line’s cries it reminds me of “I’m sexy and I know it” so those have to be up there for me
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    Back After A Looong Time

    As of like 5 minutes ago, I have every ‘mon from Gens I-V including the mythicals. The hard part is yet to come though, because I have no idea how I’m going to acquire the mythicals from Gens 6 and 7 and Zamazenta because I only have Sword. Also I realized I haven’t played through Ultra Sun/Moon...
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    Back After A Looong Time

    Hi everyone! I used to frequent the Marriland forums all the time years ago. I never really made any friends and I was in a bunch of rp’s that I didn’t really understand but I always had a blast. At the moment, I’m working on completing the living dex on HOME so I’ve returned to hopefully...