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    Casual The S.S. Anne

    It looks like Vaporeon jumped ship (no pun intended, believe it or not) a few days ago. How's everybody else feeling about the forum closure? Any memories to share? I'm a little sad this club will never get the chance to truly take off, but we did pretty well for the way the forums are...
  2. Typhlosion

    Last to post wins

    Those who will actually close the forums may have an advantage :nanihmmazurill: That's probably going to be Chris or Devin, not me, so don't get any ideas.
  3. Typhlosion

    Nuzlocke Getting back to my routes. A Festive Ruby Nuzlocke

    Ouch, brutal update. You matched it with some good strategizing at the end, though. I'm amazed the AI cooperated for as long as it did.
  4. Typhlosion

    HGSS GSC Post your Johto teams!

    Oh boy. I'm sure it comes as a surprise to no one that Johto is one of my favorite regions. Here are a few of the teams I've used on casual playthroughs.
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    Pokemon RBYG-SWSH Playthrough

    Ready for Machamp to yeet you off the edge of the cliff, eh?
  6. Typhlosion

    What Are You Currently Watching/Reading?

    I'm reading The Book of Pastoral Rule by Pope St. Gregory. I got it for Christmas, and he's my patron saint!
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    Pokemon RBYG-SWSH Playthrough

    I was really confused by those times until you specified that you work nights. Yeah, I can see how that would be good for racking up steps. Funny you should mention Ruby, as I just completed my first-ever playthrough of that game (or any Gen III game, for that matter) about a month ago. It...
  8. Typhlosion

    Casual The S.S. Anne

    @Gokudera Oh man, I didn't realize I had never talked about that. Yeah, my family lives in Virginia now. The northeast part, within an hour of DC. As I was saying, I got back to my apartment a few hours ago. Whenever I have to pack/unpack anything for travel purposes, I always get the urge...
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    Pokemon RBYG-SWSH Playthrough

    The size of this undertaking is incredible. My hat's off to you! Shoutout to the Pokewalker--HeartGold was my first Pokemon game and remains my favorite to this day. Where do you work, to be able to walk so much? I'm not about to argue that Moon is one of the best games in the series, but...
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    Casual The S.S. Anne

    It's been a hot second since I checked in here--oops. How is everybody? Is the new year going well? Tomorrow I'll be flying back to Texas from Virginia for my last semester of college! It's going to be especially weird going back this time since I've been at home with my family for nearly...
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    Nuzlocke Peyton's Diamond Nuzlocke

    I don't have a problem with you making the trade since you already have the right Pokemon for it! That's the rule I use in my challenges. If you've got something to post as a single update, but you run out of room in the editor, it's okay to make two posts in a row. You don't have to worry...
  12. Typhlosion

    XY Favorite Kalos starter

    Out of the three starter Pokemon themselves, Chespin by a long shot. I would also say I like Chesnaught the most out of the three final forms. Greninja gives it stiff competition, but I have always gravitated less towards the Water-type starters than those of the other two types. We don't...
  13. Typhlosion

    Nuzlocke Peyton's Diamond Nuzlocke

    Do you plan to use a Gyarados eventually? In the Platinum Wedlocke I'm doing right now I decided to wait on using my Old Rod for any encounters. Even if I go back and fish in some places with a Good Rod, odds are I'll wind up with a Magikarp sooner or later, but I thought I'd at least try to...