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    Tournament Marriland Draft League Season 3

    Forum Name: Varhii Discord Name: Varhii Pokemon Showdown Name: Varhii Timezone: EDT Participant/Observer: Participant
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    Marriland Prom 2020: Interest + Feedback Thread

    Are you interested in participating in MarriProm this year? Sure What events would you like to see return? What do you think we could do better? The bells and whistles from last year, plus smash doubles (w/ team attack on) could be cool. Do you have any ideas for new events? IDK really. Are...
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    Rate the Pokémon Above You! V.3

    7/10, Smugleaf is p solid. Kelfki :klefki:
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Results ❄

    I'd like to thank everyone who voted me for biggest ego. It helps it inflate more.
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    Ctrl+V Game V3
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - :sirfetchd:

    I'm thinking about opening a GFX shop cause I'm bored and want to do something remotely productive. I also want to unrust myself and force myself to learn new **** even though the community for it is prob dying if not dead.
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Voting Thread ❄

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    ❄️ Marriland Awards 2019: Nomination Thread ❄️

    Nicest Member: shhmew Most Missed Member: Azuuvin Best Competitive Battler: Calaf I may think of more later.
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    Marriland Secret Santa! [2019 edition](Merry Christmas! Gifts are in!)

    I'll sign up. I own X, Y, ORAS, Sun, Moon, and Ultra Moon, but haven't touched any of them in a meaningful way in about a year or two.
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    what made you angery today

    Wanna join my "we lost to the Dolphins" support group?
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    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - :sirfetchd:

    I'm just not gonna pick up the games or emulate them really. I just feel the parts of the game I like are being stripped out more and more as time goes on.
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    🌵 Cacnea Compound - you probably having hug

    RIP to my stage spikes.
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    Tournament Marriland Forums Draft League 2019 Beat Erick in R2 Also beat Nick in R2
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    HoH Head of Household Challenge #7: Revenge of the Eliminated

    @Karolina @scott @BasedJarrod @SarasaKat @Flo @Rydia @theDINOsaurus @Thundawave @Zerade @Moxie Hey, if you think you have the answer, please reach out to me. I'd like to have a decent conversation with you involving stuff about the answer. Even if you don't know the answer, I may give you...