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    Day Two Submissions

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    Cabin 2 Assemble

    when I was 15 I peaked when I almost hit a curb driving but avoided it. That is all there is to know about me. Real talk, I'm Vig and I'm a chill guy who knows a couple of the folk here and decided to try SC out. I'm into art and design as well as writing and a bit of Showdown (every once in a...
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    The Sorting Hat

    -What is your time zone? EST dawg -How much time can you spend on Smash Camp per day (any amount is fine, we just want to keep this in mind)? About 1-3 hours max. -Can you take pictures (irl and screenshots on the computer)? I won't take IRL pictures of myself but screenshots sure. -Do you own...
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    Forum Update Monday 2/25 - What to Expect

    The new updates look nice. A fan of the reaction among other things. Overall 2.1 looks really nice and the changes are definitely well welcomed (at least in my book). Great job working on the transition you staffers!
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    How Tall Are You?

    I have 6 feet. At least that's what it says on my driver's license.
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    vig's dank sigs

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah you guessed right, the first was for someone who commissions something in a particular way and only wants it such. The second one was where I had a bit more creative freedom. I'll definitely post some more here when I make them!
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    this is is sparta lad

    this is is sparta lad
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    vig's dank sigs

    Yo so I make sigs in my free time every once in a while. Here are some commissions I did as of recent. more to come, CnC is welcome
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    Sports Premier League 2019-2019

    Definitely one of the best footballing years in a while. Did you hear, their owner passed away in a helicopter crash right after a home game, last Saturday.
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    The Never-Ending Story!!!

    the ham slipped out of bob's hand. "Oh no..."
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    Two Truths and a Lie!

    1. I have no classes tomorrow 2. I ate salsa out of the jar for dinner 3. I'm acing college
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    Post the last words you said outloud V2

    "So no classes tomorrow again?"
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    Say Something Nice About the Above Poster v2

    You've got a pretty neat profile picture.
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    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer (Version Cookie)

    because the bread is for you to get What time is it?
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    The Never-Ending Story!!!

    whipping out his bakugan brawlers. Everyone was about to...