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    ***** squad of kat and i reporting in :wink:
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    Marriland Prom 2019: Wrapping Up

    Username: Vulture Date’s username (if applicable): SarasaKat Timezone(s): GMT Do you prefer chicken or pasta?: Pasta Other information:noitamrofni rehtO
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    beholders are fun in all varieties

    beholders are fun in all varieties
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    ♥- Marriland Secret Santa 2018 -♥ — Merry Christmas! The gifts are in! ♥

    Count me in! Although I won't actually have access to any of the games this year, sadly. My DS hates WiFi all of a sudden for no apparent reason.
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    Ctrl+V Game V3

    Also you good to change name if you
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    Campfire Stormdale

    Konrad Helbrand "Don't worry about the golems, they only cause minor injuries at most. Probably. Maybe." Gender: Male Age: 21 Rank: B (though only just) Personality: Konrad is rather exciteable, and is (in)famous for his harmless pranks on fellow guildmembers. He only plays these pranks on...
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    |:| ITEM INSANITY |:|

    I hand Dizzy the microphone. a m p l i f y
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    Ctrl+V Game V3

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    |:| ITEM INSANITY |:|

    yikes well pacifism has failed time for murder Saying "Alright, alright, I'll get outta your upholstery now" to the armchair, I'd like to free myself from the cushion that's Immobilising me. @people with healing: Francis could do with some healing words sooner rather than later, I think.
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    Guess Which User Posts Next! V2

    Man, I keep showing up just as predicted. Godot again?
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    Last Letter, First Letter v4

    Honchkrow. :honchkrow:
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    Favorite Pokémon type(s)?

    Top 5 for me would probably be: 1. Water- I like a lot of Water Pokemon, looking at things. 2. Fire- First 'mon I ever had was Fire, and some of my favourite in-game teams have had Fire types as the MVP. sorry Grass, you're the only starter type not being represented here 3. Ground- i always...
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    You're BANNED! V15

    Banned because I'd totally join a TRPG club and now I'm sad that it doesn't exist.
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    Imitate the Above User V2

    c o s m o g o o s m m s o o g o m s o c Also, here's a status update! edit: formatting y ;_;