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    Smash Camp interest

    sma sh ca m Pp
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    bro wtf this is ****ing rigged
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    hard r

    hard r
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Results ❄

    yeah yeah that’s nice and all but where the ****’s my money
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Results ❄

    where’s my prize money
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    ❄ Marriland Awards 2019: Voting Thread ❄

    when do I win
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    Started Capes

    Harukaze walked into the kitchen, eyes scanning the room, before they fell on the masked one. She recalled that she had tried to heal the imposter, and an idea sprang to life in her head. “Oi.” she exclaimed, soft yet brusque. “You know how to heal, right?” ”Yes, I do.” “Teach me.” The other...
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    Started Capes

    Now with some time to herself, as things had seemingly momentarily calmed down, Haru took stock of her current status. Bringing up her status screen, she saw a pop up that she had ignored before. Your level has increased by one! Must’ve come from killing Craft Mine, or the fake Celestia. She...
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    Started Capes

    Haru entered the building mere minutes after she had left it, most of the time that she was gone having been spent on the conversation she had had with Strider. It hadn’t been too useful, however the lack of information was somewhat enlightening, as it caused her to think and dwell on the facts...
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    Started Capes

    As soon as she left, Haru dashed straight to her home base, no longer particularly caring if she was seen - at the speed she was going, no police patrol would even notice her, let alone catch her. The same could be said for most heroes. As she did so, she made sure to keep a mental line of...
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    Haru reacted uncharacteristically slowly. As soon as she heard others were approaching, she kicked the body that was still next to her as hard as she could, sending it flying into the corner. She turned to face the newcomers, saw the bolt of lightning that had taken out Double Name, and at once...
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    Marriland Forums Big Brother: Finale

    what should I do with my winnings
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    Haru blinked at the telepath’s words. “I suppose you have a point.” She stated softly, preparing to go find the woman in question - when one of the others there approached Craft Mine’s body. As he checked the corpse’s pulse - He’s got multiple stab wounds, one of them obviously fatal. Why are...