Overlords Welcome New Your

This text will appear for anyone, even if they try to hide from our influence by changing their forum skin.

Will you stand with us, or will you crumble before us like so many others have before? Time will tell. After months of careful planning, we are ready to make our move.

Team Rainbow Rocket is ready to strike.

We were defeated back in Alola, by some meddling fools, but we set our eyes on a new horizon: the internet. Your forum staff has already united with us in our cause to take over the world, but our numbers are not great enough. We've hot-wired a shortcut into your editors to use it right now by clicking the RR logo. This site will be the first of many to fall victim to our ultimate organization. but we will still be there, constantly moving forward until we take over the world!! (Note: even if you use a different skin, the Team Rocket Headquarters will always display in Rainbow Rocket mode.)

Those who wish to show their support to Team Rainbow Rocket may do so using the new [rainbow][/rainbow] BB code tags. All will cower in fear as we stretch towards our goal of world domination!

We are looking for new grunts to help fill our ranks. If you choose to oppose us, you will certainly feel our wrath.

Should you wish to "opt-out" of our takeover and live your lives in blissful ignorance, you may change your "forum skin" to use this website like you always have. If you wish to join us, visit this page and answer the secret question.