• Smash Camp 2020

    Smash Camp, an event that has run for twelve years, has started once again! Everyone who joins is separated into one of four cabins where you'll compete to earn points through various activities, such as flash games, tournaments, and other events. At the end of camp, the totals will be finalized, and the cabin with the most total points wins. It's an awesome way to have fun with your friends while meeting new people in the process, and is open to anyone, not just members of the Marriland Forums!

    Pre-Camp has officially started, with Camp itself beginning on Monday. It will be taking place exclusively on the Smash Camp Discord, which you may join by clicking here. If you have any questions, feel free to join the server and ask - we hope to see you there!

Tortoise Farm 🐢


Drissel's Tortoise Farm is a refuge for tortoises from all over the world, many of which can live to be well over 100 years of age. Using only the clues below, match each tortoise on the farm to its species and age.

Remember, as with all grid-based logic puzzles, no option in any category will ever be used more than once. Your cabin may ask a leader/crew member to check your grid for errors ONE TIME for this puzzle.
  1. Yoda, the 32-year-old animal, and the 14-year-old one are all different animals.
  2. The 14-year-old animal is the ringed tortoise.
  3. The armored tortoise is 18 years younger than Speedy.
  4. Methuselah is the swoop-backed tortoise.

Once you have solved the puzzle, you will find your answer at the following link: https://forums.marriland.com/{Yoda's age}_{Chewie's species}_{the age of the armored tortoise}