SC Scavenger Hunt Day 1A

Congratulations for solving the first puzzle! Hopefully you're enjoying Smash Camp so far. Here are two of the items you'll need to find and take a picture of today:
  • A birthday card (bonus: it plays music)
  • A physical copy of an artist's album (bonus: it's a record)
When taking pictures, remember the following guidelines:
  • You may only take pictures of these objects in person. Screenshots or pictures from the internet do not count!
  • All pictures absolutely must be accompanied by a slip of paper that includes your username and cabin number on it.
Here's an example of a proper submission:

You will get 5 points for your submission, and 5 more points if you meet the bonus requirements. Good luck campers!

Claiming puzzle points:
  • The first cabin to reach this page will get 25 points! Post the URL in your submissions thread as fast as you can to claim these points.
  • All cabins will receive 25 points for completing the crossword puzzle. Post the finished puzzle in your submissions thread to prove you finished it.