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And this for tower of god

which seems to include unmistakable Khun/Baam merch and I’m like???? is there actually a chance itll be canon???? Or is it just Fujio bait???
god it would be so powerful if siu made it canon in the end. Canon m/m pairing with the two most loved and important characters in the story? Not just some bg characters? like I don’t wanna get my hopes up bc it seems unlikely but god. Imagine.
‪waaaah i just saw spoilers for the most recent fast pass tog chapter!! we’ve been wanting this for years and we finally are blessed with a Khun/bam hug 🥺🥺🥺🥺
a bunch of ppl are now saying “khun/bam is canon!” But i don’t wanna get my hopes up or mislead anyone by jumping on the bandwagon. Do I think it might have a chance? I mean up til now the closest thing to lgbt rep was Michael who is a) a villain and b) plays into the “Evil gay who is obsessed with and wants to capture/harm/kill the good male character“ trope. So I don’t wanna be let down if siu decides hes not going to make the two male leads get together in the biggest Korean webcomic that just got an anime adaptation. That’s a huge risk and idk if he would go for it or if his editors/publishers etc would even allow it.
god I want it so bad T-T
And that’s not to say it’s impossible. We’ve got that Khun/bam merch apparently and panels and dialogue that was removed in the translation for undisclosed reasons, though it’s easy to guess as to why. and apparently when asked about khun/bam , siu said he feels like a father in law, which seems pretty positive. well...only time will tell....
Some ppl are arguing that it’s canon bc it’s a full on head to the chest hug while the other is patting (or maybe his hand is just on his head?) and that friends don’t hug like that. But it seems perfectly reasonable to me to hug like that when one of them is deeply traumatized by what they’ve done, and the other is trying to comfort them. I just. Don’t wanna jump the gun and then find out at the end that Endorsi/bam was the Real endgame ship all along. And listen I love Endorsi but bam has shown pretty much zero interest in her or any other character, really. He straight up forgot he was supposed to go on a date with her (and only agreed bc she threatened him iirc?) lmfao. she deserves someone who appreciates her for the bombshell that she is and is genuinely in love with her. i really don't think bam is that person.

and like yeah "its a shonen comic, thats how they all end" but like?? I'm allowed to want better writing than that lmao. good "this is who gets together" part of endings should be set up well, even if romance is hardly mentioned throughout the story. like in fma. we know ed and winry were in love because we get moments showing their bond. with this we have endorsi expressing interest and bam having like no reaction. i have no sense that he cares for her differently/more than anyone else he considers a friend. when he finds out she got her name stolen and could die, he's like "damn that sucks but i also need the name that will free you", and she was desperate and ready to backstab him and steal his name in order to get hers back. peak romance! of course they eventually figure out a compromise, and i get it. endorsi isn't the sort of caring, gentle love interest bc it just isn't her nature, but we need some kind of emotional connection on BOTH ends for it to work between her and bam. and i can't get into it until we get more than "she likes him and also they're both hot and powerful i guess". if siu wants a believable endorsi/bam endgame, he'd better start writing it so that bam actually has some kind of emotional response to her problems and feelings.

not to mention that her goals have been to help anaak climb the tower and only joins them on the hell train bc she heard she could meet garam. it had nothing to do with bam's goals. and sure it's good for her to have her own goals bc it makes her more fleshed out as a character, but it also conveniently means she spends very little time with bam bc she's on another team.

in comparison, we've been given multiple moments where we see bam become enraged or extremely upset that khun has been hurt. hell, rachel nearly killing khun is literally the reason why he finally cuts himself out of the toxic relationship that he and rachel have. he's so upset, he threatens to kill her, the person who basically raised him and whom he had been chasing, desperate for closure. she tried to kill bam multiple times and he still wanted to chase her for answers, but no, the tipping point is when she tries to kill khun. he calls khun his most precious friend and we know it's mutual!!
and then we see khun feeling guilty that he wasn't able to support bam while he was frozen, khun/bam emotional support moments, khun is the one we see caring the most. tog is basically 400 chapters of khun pining. is their relationship perfect? of course not, khun sometimes does things behind bam's back that he knows he would hate, but khun sees himself as someone who has to do the cruel thing in order to protect bam. they need to have a long talk about those things in order to get back on equal footing, but their relationship is far more developed than bam's relationship than anyone else (except rachel but i somehow doubt they're going to ever work things out between them after everything that's happened). and the way they look at each other??? they're so happy to see each other, they're so tender.....bam is khun's world and khun is bam's most precious companion. and thats CANON. they deserve each other.

the story is written so that it puts khun and bam together in situations where they're the ones helping each other through the traumatic events that are going on. if endorsi or any other character is supposed to be bam's endgame, siu better actually start writing in some stakes between them yknow? it could've been endorsi on the battlefield when he needs emotional support and she's the one bam goes to. but idek where she is rn lol. instead, khun is there. he notices something's not right with bam and goes to check on him and then we get the hug. if his endgame is someone other than khun, there's a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid for it to be believable.

tldr, the straights would be all over khun/bam if everything was exactly the same but one of them was a girl
like cmon gals, respect yourselves enough to go for a guy that actively desires you. and dudes, admit that you're just attracted to endorsi and that you wish a hot girl like her was into you 😔
yall haven't figured out that your SO should be your best friend. like i can't tell u how to live ur life but like. the mutual trust and understanding? the years of being side by side and having each others backs?? the ease of communication and being comfortable?? they bring out your best self?? like What Is The Point if u don't consider ur SO to be one of ur best friends????

side tangent: i read a fic where endorsi comforts bam and it was so wildly out of character and incredibly jarring. i just have no idea how you look at the canon material and see any potential there. obviously ppl can write and enjoy whatever they want, i don't care bc it's none of my business. i just don't see the connection.

god the more i think about end*rbam the more i hate it 🤮🤮🤮 i reread the chapter when they go on the "date" and he did forget (granted it'd been 7 years and he was busy being traumatized but she remembered, so it was entirely one sided) and the whole thing is literally them catching up and endorsi realizing she's still kinda into him all while he's still thinking about chasing rachel. like i literally cannot see how u could read it as him being interested in her romantically at all but the worst part is that its probably endgame bc its het. i would WAY prefer an open ended ending than one that pairs ppl up at the end just ‘cause. Like if it ended right now and sudden bam realizes that hes had feelings for endorsi all along and khun ends up with....whoever? id be so disappointed lol

i think the anime got some ppl shipping hatzdorsi and honestly? I'm into it. in the name hunt arc hatz was ready to hurt khun bc he's "turning his back on endorsi even after hearing about her predicament" saying its more than enough reason to fight him (meanwhile khun is fighting bc he wouldnt even consider letting them use bam to help endorsi 👀 ). they've been teammates for years so obviously theres mutual trust and respect there. she named his sword he got from the workshop. this quote when he's talking abt endorsi??? "Destined to fight.. That may be true.. But regardless of her destiny, we are friends. We may fight and argue when we don't agree with each other, but it's not like we could fight just because someone tells us to. It may be true that she is destined to fight Jue Viole Grace. But if someone tells me that I'm destined to fight my friend, I would rather fight destiny itself". he'd rather fight destiny itself than fight her??? while bam is like "haha sorry but i need the name but maybe we can compromise and I'll hopefully find a way so that you don't die :)" like goddamn. a power princess and her swordsman?? her being flirty and actually getting a reaction out of him and making him flustered vs bam who just looks uncomfortable, no blush lines or anything while she's literally kneeling between his knees on a bed.....she deserves so much better than that lmfao. also the visual contrast? she and bam both have golden eyes and brown hair. booooring. hatz and khun provide that sweet visual contrast. blue and gold and black and gold are freakin good combos. i want more on screen interaction between hatz and her bc it has the potential to ****in stomp on end*rbam and that rules.

summary: khunbam and hatzdosi >>>>>>>>> end*rbam
-Someone discovered that bam and khun’s hair and eye colours are inverted. Tested and can confirm it’s pretty much the case.
-wave controller and light bearer is canonically the strongest two-person setup for battle.
-bam's parents were arlene and V. a.v. aguero and viole. a.v.
-they're directly paralleled to daniel and roen, a canonically romantic couple
-uhhh official merch?????
Siu u r so powerful :nanihmmazurill:

Also said **** it, I’m gonna write something for that hug scene.
damn i never actually checked but i have a lot of art of them whoa