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  1. Ruellia

    Café Marriland - Come Dine With Us!

    Oh my gosh. I wish I could have participated in this chocolate event because I know exactly what I'd make and you'd all be hella drooling.
  2. Ruellia

    Pet Peeves

    Wait.. you've met people who actually do this? (The ice cream part) because that's just seriously gross. :s
  3. Ruellia

    Pet Peeves

    Oh gosh here's a list of some of my pet peeves ;-; pls do not hate me.
  4. Ruellia

    What is the last thing you bought?

    Marmite and gosh it is absolutely delicious on toast w/ butter.
  5. Ruellia

    Long time, no see!

    Oh my gosh welcome~ I can't say I remember you but I was never super active on the old boards to begin with, but it's nice to meet ya~ I looked at your profile btw and you seem like a pretty neat person and I think that people who code are actually legitimately amazing because god knows I...
  6. Ruellia

    Music Rate the song posted above you! ♪

    9/10 Paramore is literally my fav pop rock band since the late 2000s when I was a child and Misery Business went viral on MTV although I prefer their first three albums and early demos bc I'm an unprogressive fossil
  7. Ruellia


    Oh my gosh .... Summer is pretty much okay to me although the sweating part is a huge drag and that's literally the only thing I hate about it. The weather is beautiful and it's the perfect season for outdoor activities and anything involving large bodies of water~ The best fruits are in-season...
  8. Ruellia

    Café Marriland - Come Dine With Us!

    What is your favourite kind of chocolate? My favorite kind of chocolate is a good milk or white chocolate w/ nuts! Lindt and Cadbury both steal my heart. 💚 Which flavours do you think compliment chocolate the best? I'd say dark or citrus fruit, or some type of nut such as peanuts, almonds, or...
  9. Ruellia

    Café Marriland - Come Dine With Us!

    Name: Ruellia Nickname: Mel, Rue, or Melty Pronouns: She/Her Favourite Food: Katsudon Extra: Hard boiled~
  10. Ruellia

    Let's Go Opinions on Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee?

    Hi guys!! 🙋‍♀️ So lately I've been playing Let's Go Pikachu and the reviews are very very polarizing! I've heard people say things like this game is sooo amazing while others have sadi it's just a overpriced watered down Yellow remake, but I'd like to know what you think! As for me I dunno if...
  11. Ruellia

    What is the last thing you bought?

    An iphone power bank from amazon which I'm actually returning to the post office today bc it didn't even work and I want a refund. 😠
  12. Ruellia

    Body Appreciation thread

    Things I like: I guess I like my hair bc it's very healthy and nearly reaches down to my hips. I find myself wearing it in a bun more often these days though for convenience. I'm also pretty happy w/ my eyebrows bc they're perfectly arched and look really pretty when filled in. I was actually...
  13. Ruellia

    The Happy Thread

    What made you happy today? Okay so I used to buy vanilla visa gift cards pretty routinely to order certain things online, and most of them would still have small amounts of leftover currency left on them so I'd set them aside in a drawer. Now today I realized through Amazon I could actually...
  14. Ruellia

    Saver or Spender

    Oh god I spend money like a criminal! Lately it's been on gourmet chocolate though, but I'm done w/ that phase. My reasoning for spending a ton of money is always different — food, games, beauty, music, programs, books even. If there's a God out there hopefully he can teach me to budget. ;_;
  15. Ruellia

    what made you angery today

    A 'friend' unfriended me without reason w/o telling me why.
  16. Ruellia

    Weirdest Foods

    Surströmming is a pretty bizzarre food that originated from Sweden. It's a sort of fermented herring and is known for having an extremely sharp and putrid smell, and most people I read aren't too fond of the taste either! It's often eaten with buttered bread, and topped with potato and other...
  17. Ruellia

    Arena Bellossom VS Ukulele Pichu

    Leaf storm. -_-
  18. Ruellia

    Arena Bellossom VS Ukulele Pichu

    Oh my gosh. Um, Bellossom use drain punch! Let's try to turn this around.
  19. Ruellia

    Arena Bellossom VS Ukulele Pichu

    Keep on 'ragin